30 DPC: Day 6 – A Roomful of Fears

Hi Folks! Sorry for the late post. I totally knocked out after days of work and woke up to tons of errand running. Finally have some down time for myself before my trip to Pinoyland tomorrow.

So for Day 6 of our 30 Day Philosophy Challenge, the prompt is: “You are locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.” Another very interesting one… which I almost dreamt of, by the way.

Here goes…

Blindfolded, I was pushed forward. The door closed behind me as I stand onto a creaking plank. The humid room reeks of spoiled fish and vomit and something… Is that wet soil? Something’s fishy… I don’t know.

I don’t dare to move too much. I don’t know what’s around me. Wait. My wrists aren’t tightly bound. Just a little… Great! I managed to free my hands and take off my blindfold. The room is very dark. But, slowly, my pupils adjusted to it.

Oh no… This is bad.

The walls are lined by slimy moss-covered shower heads with slimy wiggly things gushing out of it. I look down. The plank is a bridge above a sea of worms. Worms of varying colours, length, and sizes. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I hate worms! It going to crawl into eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. I know some will find its way through my toenails and open wounds. They’ll reside in my stomach, my intestines, my brains! No. No. No.

I turned and banged against the door. My screams echoed. My loud voice filled the heavy air but no one called back.

I turned back and studied the room. Oh, the stench is really bad. I’m feeling nauseous. I think there’s a door about 50 metres ahead of me. This plank will lead me there. But, I have to carefully put my foot in front of the other. One step at a time. It isn’t wide enough. If I miss my step or lose my balance, an olympic-sized pool of worms awaits me.

I wonder… Do humans float or sink in a pool of worms? If I don’t know how to float on water, does that mean I’ll drown in a worms? No. No. No.

I walked and walked and walked. My imagination ran numerous possibilities of how the worms might crawl into me and eat me from the inside out. Is there a gigantic mother worm somewhere? I hope there’s no snake down there too. Sssssss….. Sssssss…. Slim chance.

I walked and walked and walked.  I looked at nothing but on the plank with one foot going in front of the other.

Wait. Looks like there are less and less worms. Then, I looked further down, left and right. Nope. It’s not becoming less. The plank is inclined upwards. Height! Height! I’m now a few feet above ground. Any mistake and I’ll fall from 3-4 metres above ground. And, I don’t even know how deep that worm pool is!!!

Breathe in. Breath out. Breathe in. Breath out. Focus.

I continued to put one foot in front of the other… One step at a time. I should be close to my door now.

I looked up to check. Wait. The door seems as far as before. There seems to be another 50 metres ahead. I look back and the other door is just as far. What’s happening?!? Something’s not right! I’ve been moving forward but I’m not getting any closer.

I look down and see the height I’m going to fall from.

My heart sunk. I’m about to faint. This is too much. I’m very very very thirsty! My legs feels like jello. My lungs are getting tight. My teeth are shaking, about to fall out one by one. What should I do?

I paused…. My mind is saying, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this…”

Suddenly. A speaker’s feedback screeched across the room. Window panels lit up along the walls of the room. A booming voice announced, “Experiment number 5479. 2 hours and 47 minutes. Your winnings and losses will be automatically credited to your account.” I saw most people shaking their heads in disappointment. Whoever they are, I failed them. I lost. I’m a guinea pig with no life purpose.

Haha! Okay. It probably doesn’t make sense but, i think this contains a lot of my personal fears. In fact, this post has no photo because I couldn’t take the sight of worms on Google Images. And, in a way, living a world with no colourful and beautiful visual representation is a worrisome thing for me too. So yups!

Anyway, please drop by Cumuloq’s blog response to this roomful of fear prompt as well. I’m off to type the next post now.

Catch you soon! 🙂

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