30 DPC: Day 5 – Routine or Spontaneity

TGIF, everyone! I have no idea why June has suddenly turned into a hectic month but this 30 Day Philosophy Challenge is becoming more challenging than it should be due to time constraints. I woke from a nap in order to type this post. Who does that? Haha! But, I shall persevere!

Anyway, today’s question is, “What are you more comfortable with: routine or spontaneity?”

Some of you may know how Cumuloq has been talking about dichotomies in the past few days. She’s even grateful for it! After having definite stances in past questions, I think this is the point when I agree with her.

I honestly can’t choose whether I’m more comfortable with routine or spontaneity. Instead, I think I’m gonna be utterly uncomfortable if I were to polarise myself to either. I can’t always follow a routine neither can I always be spontaneous. I need a balance. A little bit here and there. Like, yin and yang, or cookies and cream.

I like some routine because it makes things predictable. There’s a schedule to follow and no unpleasant surprises looming around the corner. There’s a comfort in knowing what’s about to come. I can go on autopilot and function accordingly. I can be rest assured that something will continue happening without me overthinking it.  Plus, I like the idea of people setting aside time to plan and meet. So, I like trying to do that with people I really care about. Sometimes, I can get upset when something has been set and someone cancels with no valid reason. It makes me question how other people prioritise me in their life. That said, I realised that I don’t get as upset as other “routine” people do because I see it as an opportunity to do something unplanned. And perhaps that’s when my spontaneity kicks in.

Is it weird to say that I like leaving pockets of time intentionally free for spontaneity? Haha! When I have weeks and weeks of my life already planned out, with little time for random spontaneous fun, I become dreary too! It’s like I’m trapped in a cage and my creativity is hindered. Just the thought of it makes me exhausted! Henceforth, I like planning free time for myself and including spontaneity as part of my routine too! For example, it’s my routine to go for church on Sunday morning and to leave my afternoon unplanned for anyone who may want to hang out in the last minute. With this, I would have completed my tasks while I also have time to follow my heart and just do what I suddenly feel like doing. In fact, there’s no surprise when I suddenly go somewhere random without telling anyone just because I feel like it. I’ll suddenly be in church, in the pool, in a café, in the museum, in someone’s house, etc. I’m predictably unpredictable and that makes me happy!

Indeed, I’m extremely grateful that I can do both with my best friend Cumuloq and my boyfriend. While we plan some outings and meet ups down to the food and activities, they also let me meet them spontaneously. I can call either of them anytime and they seem to be always be free and open to meeting up with me. It’s so so so cool! I also like that my other friends call me out of the blue to do something spontaneous and random. I can receive calls anytime asking to attend unknown performances, running errands, trying new things, etc. But, at the same time, I have friends calling to ask if they can join me because they know I would do a certain activity on certain days. I like being that person. It’s really funny and exciting!

So, yup. That’s what I am. A mixture of routine and spontaneity.

Photo Credits: Liz Climo

Photo Credits: Liz Climo

Okay. That’s all for today. Thanks for dropping by if you came from Cumuloq‘s page. Otherwise, please do drop by her blog site. Then, I’ll see you tomorrow for a very interesting exciting post on feeeaaarrsssss…..

Tata! 🙂

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