30 DPC: Day 3 – If you could be any superhero and have super powers…

Welcome! Welcome to my 30 Day Philosophy Challenge! Today’s topic is one of my favourite ones so here goes! 🙂

The question Cumuloq and I will be tackling for today is – “If you could be any superhero and have super powers, which one would you like to have and why?”

So, I’m gonna list down my top three superpower wish list:

1. Absolute Intellect

If I am a superhero, I would really love to have the power of Absolute Intellect. This is the power to possess a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive proficiency that can surpass anything in existence. That means I can be extra super genius in terms of memory, calculation, learning, creativity, and many more. Well, I will still have to learn but, I don’t mind since I can definitely absorb any information like a sponge. Honestly, I always hoped to be the smartest kid in the block and having Absolute Intellect would be my dream come true! I can be the top scorer in class, be the smartest employee, and be cognitively advanced about anything. Calcu-what? I would be able to learn quickly, retain all information, and spurt out trivia easily! I can be one of those people with super high IQ score and eidetic memory doing his umpteenth doctorate or something. Then, in a superhero team, I can be The Brain and main leader preempting the problem, throwing in facts and figures, and strategizing for the solution. That would be like Professor X + Matilda + Spencer Reid combined! Super cool!

2. Omnilingualism

Another dream superpower of mine is Omnilingualism. This is the power to instantly speak and understand any language fluently. This means I can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language with little or no training. In fact, I may even communicate with animals and read body languages. If so, I would love be able to communicated with animals, especially dogs, turtles, dolphin, bees, and birds! Yup. That’s the first thing I’d do – have a picnic or camping trip with my favourite animals and listen to their life stories. Imagine how much more things I can learn and discover about all the animals around us! With Omnilingualism, we can treat animals more appropriately and respectfully! Plus, that’s like making Disney movies come to life. I can probably migrate into suburb or mountainous area and be perfectly fine just speaking to animals and a handful of people. Furthermore, being able to easily learn any language would be extremely handy when traveling and talking to people from all walks of life. And, reading body languages can definitely a socially awkward person like me! Haha! Thanks!

Photo Credit: Miss Ashley Pants

Photo Credit: Miss Ashley Pants

3. Environmental Adaptation

Last but not the least, the power that would allow me to survive and adapt to any natural environment. With Environmental Adaptation, I would be able to tolerate wide range of temperatures and levels of moisture, any amount/quality of sustenance, breathable medium, etc. with little or no discomfort. I think this superpower would come in very handy in the event of an apocalypse or extreme global warming conditions. But, on a less doomsday circumstance, I’d like to utilise the aquatic and space application of this superpower. I mean, with Environmental Adaptation, I would be able to breathe water, to swim well, and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures. When I’m swimming, I feel like I’m in my element. It relaxes me. Hence, given this superpower, I would love to stay underwater as often and as long as I want to. Also, I think it would exciting to be able to survive in space unaided and gracefully manoeuvre varying gravitational forces. Imagine touring the whole universe! In other words, Environmental Adaptation can expand the places I can go to! So next time you ask me, “what are you up to?”, I can say… “Oh. I’m just hanging out in space.” or “Oh. I’m having a holiday… under water!” Haha! I can be more like Ariel!


Photo Credit: Rebloggy

Okay. That was fun! I’m so excited to become a superhero and have all these superpowers now! Yay! Super Rheyza! Haha!

Anyway, please drop by Cumuloq’s blog site for her superpower choices. Then, I’ll catch you tomorrow for some morality sharings.

Cheerios! 🙂

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