How Do You Feel God’s Presence in your Life?

So, I was having a pretty rough start to my week. And at some point, I started questioning – What is God doing in my life? Where is He? And amidst my tears and sobs, my friend asked me this question:

“How do you feel God’s presence in your life?
What helps you remember that God is real?”

Since I couldn’t think straight or figure out how to answer, I asked my friends for some guidance. And I thought their perspective and relationship with God were quite inspiring. I’m happy to have heard them answer and have them as friends. It’s comforting to know that God is also in the small things, not just the big grand gestures. Some of them are so tiny and almost imperceptible but once you recognise it, it’s undeniable that God is orchestrating all these. Isn’t that wonderful and awe-inspiring? To know that God is with us, every small step of the way. Hence, as a gentle reminder to those who need to hear it, here are some small ways you might encounter God today.

“I feel God when I feel the breeze on my cheeks, listen to music, see nature and the grandeur and stand in awe of all these small miracles… things which so often I don’t take notice of or take for granted. It’s also when the emotions exceeds the activity – like if I tear up after hearing a moving piece of music, or I feel joy when I see a baby crackle when laughter or grinning at me on the bus. He is in the small moments. He’s a God of surprises.” – A

“I can’t always recognise Him. In my life, I don’t have many “God moments” but there were a few instances when, to me, God cannot not be real. So, I guess, I’m becoming more aware of Him recently.” – B

“I see God in animals, trees, and in people. I feel Him especially when I feel how much my pet dog loves me. Imagine. My cute adorable dog waits the whole day to lick my face in the morning and at night just because.” – E

     “I feel God through the love I get from my family and friends because all these love will not be present without His presence as His main mission is to spread love in the world.” -F

“I feel His presence through the little blessings that come my way, like an encouraging text from a friend, or being able to board bus after bus to work without having to wait too long in between. The grace before meals (which have become a habit) and personal random conversations in my head help me remember that God’s around, and that he’s constantly tuning in. I hope that makes sense. Also, personal sharing by friends are especially encouraging and help me press on during periods when I fail to see him in my life.” – R

“I don’t feel Him per se but I remember strong tangible moments when I know God was there. So, whenever I need to, I go back to those moments and remember how He worked in those difficult times.” – S

“I usually feel Him when I’m reflecting  on things, mostly through prayer.” – T

And, for me, personally…

“I think God is in the wind and the water. I think that’s why it calms me down to feel the wind blow, to shower, or to swim. I think He’s in the warmth of the sun and the brightness of a full moon so it helps to step out whenever I’m anxious. Sometimes, i think God is in the music, especially when I hear birds chirping or when I feel like singing. But, these things are quite airy fairy. So, I often take it for granted unless I pause to feel it. Instead, I’d like to consider some tangible things. Aside from feelings, I think God talks to me through words… I believe that He sends me messages through the stories in the scripture, or whenever I read religious stories/books. Sometimes, I even think that the bible is his love letter for me especially whatever I read applies to my life.”

Photo credit: Freed and Restored

Photo credit: Freed and Restored

I guess, sometimes the question seems daunting especially when we don’t know where to look. But, I hope this short sharing reminds us of where God is and helps us recognise Him even in the tiniest things.

How about you? How do you feel God’s presence in your life and know that He’s real?

Hmmm. I think, one of the thing which struck me was how some of my friends have tangible experiences to go back to whenever the need arises. Somehow, I find it difficult to remember mine. So, I’d like to go back and remember my personal tangible experiences with God as well. I mean, reading the things above shows that yes, God is real. God is alive. God touches us in different ways. But, sometimes these become head knowledge. That makes it difficult to apply things in real life. To bring it down to the heart, I need to realise how God has loved me as an individual. I need to believe that God really loves me – rheyofsunshine. I need to think of tangible experience when God has worked specifically in my life… That’s another difficult task to accomplish.

Do you have an experience to share? Once I figure mine out, I’ll share it with you, alright?

Thanks and have a blessed weekend ahead! 🙂

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