30 DSC Day 29: Song You Would Recommend To Everyone

Hi, everyone! Wow! It’s the penultimate day of our 30 Day Song Challenge! I can’t believe we’re doing so well for this. I’d like to thank Cumuloq for doing this challenge with me. Indeed, she initiated this whole thing and I’m glad she did. It has been really fun discovering her songs choices – I think I’m understanding her taste more. Also, I’d like to thank Cumuloq for suggesting new songs which she thinks I might like to me. It’s really great having such a friend around.

For Day 29, we are sharing “song I would recommend to everyone.” I think this is a very vague topic and I’m really not sure of what to share. I mean, I’d recommend most of the songs I mentioned during my 30 Day Song Challenge. For example, here’s a list of my favourite songs at the moment, here’s an album I found and accidentally loved, and some of my fave songs from tv shows. Heck, I can even share anything from my YouTube Finds posts.

However, since I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of down points recently, I’ve been craving for some motivating songs and decided to share my favourites today. It’s slightly similar to my favourite pick-me-up songs, but instead of just making me feel it’s going to be okay, this time, I’d like to share songs which makes me feel like “Yes, I’m going to rise above.” You see, I’m a person who wants to make a difference in this world, and I’m sure tons of you do as well. However, sometimes, it’s difficult to keep your focus on that burning passion and that hope that says, “Yes! I will make a difference to the people around me. And, I will leave MY mark in this world.” So, for those who need this little reminder, I’d like to recommend some inspirational songs to get us moving in this harsh trying world.

1. Emeli Sandé – Read All About It (pt III)

Okay, I’ll start with a more sombre song before the more upbeat ones. The lyrics just really spoke up to me. The idea of just doing whatever she wants to do (to sing or to shout) and people can just watch or “read all about” what she has done. Isn’t that the point anyway? To just do what you’re good at, what you feel like doing, to let your shine bright and loud and let people to just admire who you are and how great you allow yourself to be.

Yeah, we’re all wonderful, wonderful people
So when did we all get so fearful?
And now we’re finally finding our voices
Just take a chance, come help me sing this

I wanna sing, I wanna shout
I wanna scream ’til the words dry out
So put it in all of the papers,
I’m not afraid
They can read all about it
Read all about it, oh

2. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

In line with Emeli Sandé’s “Read All About It“, I want to remind you that nothing has been cast in stone yet. In other words, you don’t have to follow a certain mould. It means, you can still decide what you’d like to do with your life. You can do anything with your life! Isn’t that so exciting? Isn’t it thrilling to have your whole life ahead of you, with so much possibilities and amazing opportunities? But the thing is, no one else can live your life for you. So, knowing this, what steps are you going to take? What kind of person are you going to be? What kind of story are you going to write?

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

3. Jordin Sparks – One Step At A Time

After talking about our life being “Unwritten,” this song is for those moments when you feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there. Yup, it happens and it’s normal. It’s very easy to get carried away and plan the next 10-20 years of our lives. I guess it’s good to have a big picture of what we want. But, at the same time, the fear of making a small mistake and having that affect the your great big plan will definitely be scary. So, I’d like to remind you not to rush, not to get way over heads. Instead, take one step at a time and trust that everything will soon fall into place, one piece at a time.

Now you’re feeling more and more frustrated
And you’re getting all kind of impatient, waiting
We live and we learn to take
One step at a time there’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly or falling in love
It’s gonna happen when it’s supposed to happen
That we find the reasons why, one step at a time

4. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

I think this was a post-breakup song, but I like Kelly Clarkson’s attitude of turning your biggest weakness into your greatest strength. I’m sharing this song because I know that as we pursue our “great perhaps” there will be tons of challenges and obstacles along the way. There will be times when things are going against us. However, through it all, I want to remind you that you are still alive. Hence, if something didn’t kill you, it only served to make you better and you should take pride in that – that you are becoming bigger and better. And with that, be more confident, stand taller, because you’ve again survived and thrived and rose above one level higher.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone
What doesn’t kill you makes a fire
Put that thing on lighter
Doesn’t mean I’m over cause you’re gone
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stronger
Just me, myself and I
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone

5. Lady Antebellum – I Was Here

Last but not the least, I’d like to recommend a song recommended to me by Cumuloq when we were in university. You see, I’m sure we will always have our doubts and confusion on what our purpose in life is, on what we should do, or where we should go. Heck, I’m perpetually in that place. Yet, this song accepts all of that and at the same time summarises what each of our deepest desire into its lyrics – to be remembered. Indeed, I like its simple promise that whatever we do, it will be something that matters, something that touches other people’s lives, something that will make such a huge difference that it proves that you and I, as individuals, were here in this world and nothing will ever take that away from us.

I wanna do something that matters
Say something different
Something that sets the whole world on its ear
I wanna do something better
With the time I’ve been given
And I wanna try
To touch a few hearts in this life
Leave nothing less
Than something that says “I was here”

Okay. I hope you like my recommended songs for today. As you start another week ahead, may you feel motivated to rise above, to do your best, and to make your personal difference in this world because you DO have what it takes, you just have to believe in yourself. I do.

If you have other motivating or inspirational songs to share, please do drop me a comment. I’d love to hear that.

Meantime, please visit Cumuloq‘s site for her song recommendations for today. Then, I’ll catch you tomorrow, the last day of our 30 Day Song Challenge, for my all-time-favourite song.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Take care! 🙂

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