30 DSC Day 28: Favourite Song To Dance To

Hello! It’s the last 3 days of our 30 Day Song Challenge. It’s time to party as we share our “favourite song to dance to.” Well, It’s been a long time since I last dance (I kinda miss it right now). And, I guess, I thought of what song would bring me back to the dance floor to answer this prompt.

My favourite song to dance to would be LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock. It’s just so super upbeat and enticing! I can’t imagine how I’d keep my butt on the chair if this song was playing. Plus, this song was so famous the year it came out that I heard it on every bar/club I went to (yup, I visited some a long time ago). And, I remember that even the young kids in Cambodia knew and danced to this song during my mission trip. Yup, music (singing and dancing) truly brings the people together. Yup, “every day I’m shufflin’!”

So, here it is, my favourite dance tune – the Party Rock Anthem!

Haha! Yup, I’m not even going to share more than one song for today. This song is that good! But, if you do have other suggestions, please do tell me in my comment box below.

See you tomorrow as I share a “song I would recommend to everyone.”

Cheerios! 🙂

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