One Of You is Extremely Romantic

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Third From the Top
Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

I felt prompted upon seeing this prompt. So, the third post on my reader is “19 Signs You’re In A Marshall And Lily Relationship” is from Thought Catalog as written by Johanna Mort. And, the sentence is “One of you is extremely romantic.”


Photo Credit: Thought Catalog

And, since I’m more like Lily – the less sweet one. Well, I try sometimes. For example, I have a pretty cheesy list of songs to play at my wedding. But, yup, my boyfriend still wins as being the extremely romantic one, just like Marshall. Hmmm. let me put this sentence and my reasoning together in a better way….

One of us is the extremely romantic one
Love expressed in small and big things
Opening doors and crossing the roads
Fetching me before dressed up events
Sending me home every time we meet
Of pick up lines and pick me up treats –
Cookies, ice cream, and french fries
Love provided in french fries and ketchup
Inside voices, extremely loud laughter
Stupid nonsense, emotional outbursts
Wishful thinking, serious discussions
Morning greetings and late night tuck ins
Sweet nothings, gif’s, and meme’s in between
Love delivered in cheesy lines and long messages
Mid-day phone calls, evening dog walks
Going for 5km strolls, exercise, and picnics
Lazy dates, outdoor outings, and planned birthdays
Surprise sunflowers and reminders of sunshine
Hands intertwined in prayers and in praying
Oh, my Catholic Gentleman.

Haha! My attempt to be romantic. If you want to see other blog post spin offs, visit Today’s Daily Prompt here.

Catch you later for more of my 30 Day Song Challenge! 🙂

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