30 DSC Day 24: Favourite Funny Song

Terrific Tuesday morning, everyone!

Cumuloq and I are back for Day 24 of our 30 Day Song Challenge! Please remember to drop by her site later. Or, if you came from hers, welcome welcome. I apologise in advance for my song choice for today.

Today’s topic is “favourite funny song” and I’ve decided to choose a song from Budak Pantai. They are a Singaporean acapella group with a guitar accompaniment. These group of 5 gentleman call themselves as BUdak Pantai which means “Beach Boys” in Malay. They are kind of like stand up comedians as well as they make parody’s of songs or compose funny ones. According to them, they just want to distract people and make them laugh instead of always worrying about typical Singapore problems. And, they really really do so. I’ve been watching them perform for years and they always crack me up! Hmmm. You have to watch them live to understand. But, I think they are on hiatus or have decided to stop?… Oh wells.

Anyway, this particular song I’m sharing is my all-time-favourite song from them. In fact, I share this song every time I promote Budak Pantai shows and invite my friends to come. So, presenting “Why Do Men Have Nipples” by Budak Pantai.

Isn’t it just so hilarious yet profound? Like really, why do men have nipples? The song is so funny, I feel compelled to share the lyrics. Unfortunately, it’s not available online hence I shall attempt to transcribe some parts here. Apologies if there are some mistakes. I just hope you enjoy it! 🙂

“Why Oh Why do men have nipples?
Why Oh Why do men need nipples?

Men have nipples I don’t know why
It’s kind of like the question what is life
Why don’t we trade them for something neat
Like one more brain or two more feet
Men have nipples it makes me ask
Was there a mistake in the baby chest
Was there a flaw when we were built
I mean why have nipples if it ain’t got milk

Why Oh Why do men have nipples?
Why Oh Why do men need nipples?

Man have nipples like really who cares
They serve no purpose now they are just there
I really don’t mean to be cynical
I’m just happy they’re symmetrical
Man have nipples that couldn’t feel
You can hold them, squeeze them, no big deal
Don’t complain that it isn’t fair
If you don’t want to see them, you can just grow hair

Why Oh Why do men have nipples?
Why Oh Why do men need nipples?”

Hahaha! 🙂 Other funny songs I like are The Duck Song, The “Dear Penis” Song, and The Assumption Song. Do you have any funny songs to recommend?

Otherwise, that’s all for today. Please visit Cumuloq‘s site. Im sure she’ll have a good choice for today.
And then, we’ll see you tomorrow for a non-english song choice sharing! 🙂

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