30 DSC Day 19: Group You Wish Had Never Split

Day 19 of our 30 Day Song Challenge! Woohoo! But, heck, It’s going to be one very embarrassing post because, today, Cumuloq and I are sharing about a “group I wish had never split.” I initially thought this was going to be a hard pick. I mean, honestly speaking, we expect bands to break apart sooner or later right? Which one would I wish had never split? But, as I after listening to some songs from my teenage years in preparation for my “Theme Song of Your Childhood” post, I remember how much it broke my heart for one particular band to walk separate ways. Because, truth be told, I really wish NSYNC had not broken up.

I know most of my current friends are huge Backstreet Boys fan, while my secondary school classmates loved Westlife. So, I always kind of felt shy to proclaim my teenage love for NSYNC. But, you see, before I migrated over, NSYNC was a HUGE thing in the Philippines! Their songs were always on radio and tv. As a young girl, I memorised their songs, watched their music videos nonstop, and thought that their music was God’s gift to womankind. They were my epitome of a boy band – those pop tunes, lyrics, and dance moves? Perfect! In fact, we’d use to have interclass dance competitions and my class would choose to dance their songs. Otherwise, my cousins and I (sometimes even my aunts) would singNSYNC songs for karaoke sessions. They were a huge part of my tween/teenage years.

Here’s one on my favouriteNSYNC song to sing and dance to:

Given that they only released three albums, it is groundbreaking that a bunch of their songs were a worldwide hit! Plus, they just continued to get better and better. I thought their last few songs “Girlfriend” and “Gone” were becoming more mature and suave. Not only were their fans growing with them, they were start to attract more young adults too. So, when the band announced that they are having a “temporary hiatus” in 2002, I thought that meant, they are preparing for another album. But, Lance Bass eventually announced that the group has definitely broken up.

Here’s one of NSYNC last few songs, which watching it again, seemed to pre-empt that Justin Timberlake was going to be a solo artist soon:

Obviously, Justin Timberlake wanted to have his own career and I can’t blame him for that. I loved all his singles (Like I Love YouSeñorita, etc) as well. They’re amazing and even better then when he was part of NSYNC. But, still, I thought they could have stayed just a year or two together first and produced more songs that could have set a higher benchmark for the new generation of boy bands. Instead, their split meant that my favourite teenage boy band was done for. And, somehow, I felt that I had to start choosing my own music choice as well.

So, just as a last farewell to my dear NSYNC, I’d like to dedicate this song to their band members – Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass. (with Justin’s dreadlocks hair and all)

Okay. So much nostalgia! Can I direct you to Cumuloq‘s website as I continue to listen to NSYNC on repeat, please?

I shall catch you again tomorrow for “Song you want to play at your wedding.” I suspect that will turn into a list so let’s see how it goes!

Have a wonderful evening and weekend ahead! 🙂


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