30 DSC Day 16: Theme Song of Your Childhood

Yay! We’re halfway through our 30 Day Song Challenge. For those who do not know, Cumuloq and I have been posting songs to answer a series of questions. For example, today, the topic is “Theme Song of Your Childhood.” Honestly, I find this question very vague. Which age group do we consider as part of “childhood” age? I mean, I started by looking at embarrassing S Club 7 and A*Teens song for this post. Totally humiliating! Fortunately, Cumuloq says she chose some from her early childhood. I still don’t have a clear answer but at least the age range helps – I just have to choose songs I heard before tween days. At least, I’ll try.

1. Julie Andrews – Do Re Mi | Sound of Music

Well at that time, I obviously didn’t know about Julie Andrews or Sound of Music. But, this was the basic song I learned. It was the song to sing or play in the piano. In fact, I think that’s the first song I learned. And how appropriate since the song emphasises the importance of learning the basics too! Plus, it’s such a feel good song nursery song which I think every child should learn.

2. Doris Day – Que Sera Sera

Similarly, I had no idea who Doris Day was back then. Neither day I know that “Que Sera Sera” literally meant “whatever will be, will be.” He’ll share a super long life story and then, he’ll end of this with this line, “Que Sera Sera“. After which, he’ll bring out his harmonica or accordion or pick up a match box or two spoons and play this song for me. It was the most important song cum philosophy my dear grandfather, Kong Kong, taught me. Now, it doesn’t just remind me of my grandfather, it also guides my outlook in life and my faith too. Truly, I will forever remember the importance of this song in my childhood and subsequently, my life.

3. The Flintstones (Intro)

Now, I’d like to share the theme song of one of my favourite cartoon shows. Well, I’ve definitely watched a lot more and I might even liked other shows more than this. I watched it all the time with the other Cartoon Network shows – Scooby Doo, Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, etc. However, The Flinstones’ Intro Song was one which really got stuck in my memory. I like the whole animation and the melody and all the memories that comes with it. Fred and Barney were hilarious while Pebbles and Bambam were adorable. So, if I were to share one cartoon show song which shaped my childhood, this would be it. I hope it brings back some fun cartoon watching days for you too!

4. Jodi Benson – Part of Your World | The Little Mermaid

Did you think this list wouldn’t have a Disney song? Come on! Every young girl’s life was based on that. And Little Mermaid was what mine was based on. In fact, Ariel was the first cartoon I learn to draw. Then I get to be her character in one of our class activities. I have no idea what it was but I just remembered practicing how to draw her over and over again. And this song, “Part of your World” was my fave from the movie. It’s so catchy and, looking back, it was so deep too. And just like Ariel, there’s so much I want to learn and do out there in the world. I have a vague recollection of singing this song in school, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, listening to this song brings back so much nostalgia. Do have a listen too!

5. Jordan Hill – Remember Me This Way | Casper Movie

This movie was released when I was 6 years. Slightly on the older side but still in early childhood stage so I’m going to slip it in. I don’t think I understood this movie nor the song the first time I watched it. But every time I hear it play over the radio or during karaoke sessions, I’ll tell mom, “”Hey! I know that song.” And, she’ll go, “Yes! It’s from the Casper Movie.” Yup. I heard this song every where. Hence, whenever I re-watched the movie, I’ll look forward to this particular scene – the first “love story” and “sweetest scene” I’ve seen. I had a crush on this Casper character in this movie. And, honestly, Casper with this sweet heart-wrenching song was just one of a kind. In an odd childish way, it set the standard for how I wanted to be loved too.

I liked that trip down memory lane. So much happiness and nostalgia involved!

How about you? What were the theme song/s of your childhood? I wonder what’s Cumuloq’s too. Do remember to visit her as well please. Then we’ll catch you tomorrow for “First song/album you ever bought”

Cheers! 🙂


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