30 DSC Day 15: Favourite Song from a Musical

Good Sunday evening! For today’s 30 Day Song Challenge, Cumuloq and I are ending the week by sharing our “favourite song from a musical.” Before I begin, here’s a friendly reminder to drop by Cumuloq‘s page. We have been doing this challenge for 15 days now so I’m sure you’re gonna find some good song finds in her post. If you came from her site though, here’s a warm welcome to you! I hope you enjoy my post as much as you do hers despite the difference in taste.

1. It’s A Hard Knock Life | Annie (1982)

I’m going to start with this age-old classic. As shared in my “favourite movie musical” post, Annie (the 1982 version) is my all-time favourite. I grew up watching it and I love all their songs. I probably got some of my optimism from Annie. Indeed, my favourite song “It’s A Hard Knock Life” is all about being realistic and accepting where they are. Nonetheless, together with their family (the other orphans) they still aim to rise above and stay positive even if life seems so dismal. Amazing, isn’t it?


2. Zac Efron – Ladies’ Choice | Hairspray

I was deciding between Ladies’ Choice and You Can’t Stop The Beat. However, the latter is quite well-known and cliché. On the other hand, the former had more significance in my life. Firstly, this was the moment when I’ve decided that Zac Efron really does have a fabulous voice and respected his talent. This plus his dazzling looks and charming dance moves makes him totally irresistible. *swoons* I’m not sure if this is after the High School Musical era (which I’m glad is over) because I started liking Zac and watching all his movies after this. In addition, I like that Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) finally stepped up to show her moves in this scene. It was the rising action of the movie and I was thrilled to see more. I gotta give it to Zac and Nikki for keeping me hook and making my jaw drop.


3. On My Own – Samantha Barks | Les Misérables

Okay. I’m sorry for the sudden change in tempo but I really have to share this last song from Les Misérables. The emotion that oozes from this song is just heartbreaking. I cry every time the movie reaches this part. I was rooting for Éponine to get together with Marius instead of Cosette. And I think Éponine has loved him in the most martyr and selfless way possible. But to listen to this song of unrequited love, of how Éponin dreams to be with Marius even though she knows he prefers Cosette over her, is simply heartbreaking. Aside from the one below, Lea Salonga’s version is even more breathtakingly remarkable – however, I’m yet to watch it live to choose it. Instead, here’s Samantha Barks from the film adaptation of the musical.


Wow! All the memories these three musical songs bring!

How about you? What’s your favourite song from a musical? I would love to have a listen. Also, please visit Cumuloq‘s blog for her list of favourite songs from musicals.

Then, I’ll catch you tomorrow when I share about the “theme song of my childhood.” I’m quite excited to hear what Cumuloq’s choice will be.

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone! 🙂


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