30 DSC Day 11: Favourite Song From a Video Game

Haha today’s 30 Day Song Challenge topic is totally out of my comfort zone. Compared to Cumuloq, I don’t play video games at all. If any, my boyfriend asks me to play random phone games with me – which are Bump Sheep and Fun Run. They’re both really fun so do try them out! However, Fun Run doesn’t have a theme song and Bump Sheep only has background music. You can listen to it here but it doesn’t exactly constitute as my favourite either.

So, I shall go back to an age old classic – the only video game I played as a child, Super Mario. I was never good at it but I certainly enjoyed it. Looking at it, I’m not surprised I’ve progressed onto Fun Run now too. Haha! Anyway, listening to the Super Mario theme song brings me back to the times before PlayStations and Xbox though I can’t remember what the console is called. Plus, I found this acapella version which totally made my day. So, here goes!

Wow! Shortest post ever! Well, do drop by Cumuloq’s! Given all the games she play, I’m sure she has a list of fave video game songs to share with us today. I’ll catch you tomorrow for my favourite advert song.

Have a good Wednesday everyone! 🙂


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