30 DSC Day 9: Live Gig or Act You Want To See

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post. In today’s 30 Day Song Challenge, I’m gonna share which live gig or act I’d like to see. I’m not really sure if I’m going to answer the question correctly. Nonetheless, I’d like to share some things I’d love to watch live.

1. The Live Room powered by Warner Music

On YouTube, Warner Music Group let’s their artist perform in a recording studio, films it, and puts it up on their channel “The Live Room. I’ve always followed this channel and enjoyed watching the artists and listening to their songs. Since it’s a “live” take, you can listen to the original sound of their music. Some voiced turn out to be really powerful, sultry, and soothing while others turn out bad. I’m not sure if it’s possible but I’d like to be able to go for this and have a private listening session of my favourite artists/bands. Since it’s a small intimate setting, I’m sure I can also have a chat with them and talked to them about their life, music, and ambition. The Live Room has had my favourite male artist Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow, Shinedown, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. Imagine how cool it would be to listen and talk to them privately? Omgosh! I’ll totally prevent I’m cool with everything but I’ll probably be hyperventilating inside. Haha! I mean, just check out this session with Jason Mraz!

2. 3ème Gauche

3ème Gauche, meaning “third floor on the left”, is another online video channel specialising in music published by the LEFT Productions production company. Similar to “The Live Room by Warner Music,” they also feature their artists in acoustic sessions and share this on YouTube. All of them are filmed live in Paris – how cool it would be to be there! However, what I find interesting is the various places they bring the artists to. Sometimes they go to church, art galleries, roof tops, riverside, museums and rely on the acoustics of the place to enhance the raw music created by the singer/band. For example, check out Bastille’s acoustic session in Petit Palais (Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris). The reverberation in the museum truly created the perfect symphony! They’ve also had Emeli Sandé, Gabrielle Aplin, Passenger, Phillip Phillips, Imagine Dragons, Kodaline, and Tom Odelle. Now, If only all of them could be combined and I could watch all of them everyday for a month, that would be heaven!

3. Coachella

Well, I’ve attended a number of concerts in my lifetime. In fact, I rocked 5 concerts back in 2012! Oh yeah! \m/ It’s amazing to be amidst a sea of people fangirling, moshing, singing the same lyrics and enjoying the same kind of music as you are. It makes me feel like I’m part of something outside my day-to-day life. That said, I think I’ve almost reached my concert quota. Meaning, I will still go for live gigs but probably won’t be moshing in concerts anymore unless it’s absolutely worth it — when it’s my favourite artist/band or certain music festivals. In fact, one music festival I have been hoping to go to is Coachella in Indio, California. It might be really stupid with posers and wannabes. But, I also imagine they have the perfect weather, venue, indie bands, artists line ups, and ambience for a music festival…  That whole “feel” would be something I’d like to experience once in my lifetime. Plus, they have tons of games, booths, and food! It’s always huge and people from all over the country/world come over for this event. Wouldn’t you want to try it too?

Haha! Okay. That’s all for now. Please remember to drop by Cumuloq for her choice of live gig or act to see.

Have a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

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