30 DSC Day 8: Favourite Album

Good Sunday morning from Montigo Beach Resorts (Nongsa)!

For day 8 of our 30 Day Song Challenge, I will be sharing about my favourite album. Honestly, I totally missed out on this point while planning. I don’t usually listen to entire albums at length unless I have to study or jog. Hence, today, I shall share my jogging playlists which contains my top 3 favourite albums! These are the songs which get me fired up and ready to face the world. A very slight version of the previous “Eye of the Tiger” playlists. I’m sorry if they’re a bit dated but well, humans are creatures of habit and for some reason, these are my power songs. So yeah. Haha!

 1. OneRepublic – Native

2. Capital Cities – In a Tidal Wave of Mystery

3. Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

How about you? What’s your favourite album?

I’m sorry I can’t put up a long post today but do check out Cumuloq for her choice and I’ll catch you tomorrow! Cheers!


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