30 DSC Day 4: Favourite YouTube Artist

Good Wednesday morning! It’s the hump of the week! If you’re feeling tired and in need of some refreshing music, check out Cumuloq and my site as we embark on our 30 Day Song Challenge.

In fact, today’s the fourth day and we are sharing about our “favourite YouTube artist.” Cumloq and I both aren’t huge fans of mainstream music. Instead, we tend to search obscure corners of YouTube to find indie songs, new releases, acoustic covers, etc etc. That said, we have differing taste I always look for clean acoustic covers while (I think) she likes those with strong vocals or unique creative renditions. Plus, she’s much better with the ‘researching’ than I am. I tend to go back to who I know while she scavenge for more. Hence, it’s always interesting to find out what she’s listening to.

Okay. Let’s go back to my favourite YouTube artist. As mentioned, I subscribe to quite a bunch of them. I initially wanted to share about Kina Grannis and Boyce Avenue. However, I think they’ve become very popular and their styles have developed so much which is admirable but also not how I used to hear them anymore. So I’d rather share other less prominent YouTube artists I adore.

Firstly, I’d like to share about Gabe Bondoc. He’s been around for quite a while and I’m surprised his viewership isn’t as much as his peers. But, I want to feature him because of his comforting consistency. I like that every time I autoplay his video playlist, I’ll always end up with simple, clean acoustic covers of popular songs with a spin his own. And, more importantly, he makes bubblegum pop songs sound more classy. Take this cover of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” for example. Why can’t songs be more like this instead? Isn’t it more manly and suave? Oh well, I’m probably just biased towards men serenading sweet songs with their guitar. Heh! 🙂

Secondly, here’s Megan Davies. For some reason, her videos can have a million hits but she only has 100k+ subscribers. Nonetheless, I really like her because she seems like a simple and down-to-earth girl from the countryside/suburbs and she’s fine with it.  Aside from her acoustic covers, Megan Davies does a lot of mash-ups and collaborations as well but she doesn’t do anything over the top. I like that she doesn’t have an overwhelming group of friends or the “trying to be popular” aura. Plus, her guitar skills is pretty commendable too. So, that’s good. Together with her friend Keelan, here’s their take on Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” Quite impressive, right?

Last but not the least, featuring Andie. I just discovered her last night but I think she deserves a shout out. Her solid sultry voice is an easy win. Her accent is a bonus point too! Plus, there’s something about Andie holding her ukulele/guitar on her bed which makes me sense her rawness and vulnerability but how her voice quality is so strong that it surpasses them all. She has tons of videos on her channel. Some videos are taken amateure-ly, “made for fun” or even have croaking frogs in the background but there’s some real gems there too. For today, I shall share the first video of hers I saw which totally won me over. Here’s Andie’s cover of Vance Joy’s “Riptide” I hope you like it too!

Well, I’m glad that most of them are releasing their own EP’s and stuff but I kind of hope they stay true to their style as well.

How about you? Do you have new YouTube artists to recommend? Do drop a link in my comment box!

Also, please remember to drop by Cumuloqs site for her favourite YouTube artist and then, we’ll catch you tomorrow for our favourite male artist. Tata! 🙂

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