30 DSC Day 2: Last Song I Purchased

Good Monday afternoon! If you’re not aware yet, Cumuloq and I are doing a 30 Day Song Challenge for the month of March. Today, we are meant to share about the “last song we purchased,” respectively. That’s quite funny because I don’t think I’ve intentionally been purchasing any songs. Yeah, shame on me!

I am, however, a Spotify Premium User. Well, I was until I cancelled my subscription at the end of February in hopes of saving some money. Anyway, I like Spotify because they have ready-playlist which allows me to discover “new” songs and artists. When something new excites me, I can choose to make those songs “available offline” and listen to them over and over again. Thus, since I was a paying subscriber and have downloaded some songs into my device, I should take that as me “purchasing” those song.

Henceforth, to answer today’s 30DSC question, I checked Spotify for the the last song I made “available offline” and take that as “the last song I purchase.” Easy huh? Now, the annoying part is that, I can’t seem to find a proper Youtube video of the song aside from this one taken during a songwriter’s retreat – the very day this song was written. So, apologies for the poor quality but I hope you like it. Otherwise, here’s a much clearer audio copy of the song from Soundcloud if you’d like to listen to it.

So here it is, Tristan Prettyman performing her song “Perfect Storm.”

Yup. So that’s the last song I purchased. I like the carefree melody and the hopefulness in song’s chorus –

“It may rain
It may pour
It may be like the perfect storm
Love may come
Love may go
Once you find it
Its all you know
Because it finally… Feels like home”

How about you? What was the last song you purchased or bought? Not sure? Well, please do drop by Cumuloq’s site for her song choice for today. And, then, we’ll catch you again tomorrow for our “favourite song at the moment.”

Cheers and all the best for the week ahead! 🙂

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