Weddings of Friends – The First Wave

The end of 2014 was a wonderful season for weddings! I attended 6-7 of them over 6 weeks? It was crazy exhausting but incredibly exciting! As I sit in the church pews watching my friends exchange their vows, I was touched by the atmosphere filled with love and inspired by how far we have all come. So, I’d like to share my thoughts here as well – if any, just a reference for how I’d like it to be when my turn comes. 🙂


Aaron and Clarabelle’s Wedding Lunch at Saint Francis Xavier Church, Serangoon

The season started with Aaron and Clarabelle’s wedding. During the church ceremony, our priest Father Kenny, commented how it seems like a church reunion. The whole church was filled with past and present parishioners even though the ceremony was held in Saint Francis Xavier Church instead of Christ the King Church, our parish. All the “who’s who” from various ministries were there! Even those who has moved to other churches and those who have different beliefs were there too. It was heartwarming to see the entire church coming together to bless the couple’s holy matrimony. It signifies how honest and true their love is that not only are Aaron and Clarabelle confident of presenting it in front of God, but the community is as well!


Aaron and Clarabelle’s Wedding Dinner at Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

In addition, being part of the same young adult’s community in church, W4, I’ve personally witnessed how these two lovebirds have centred their relationship in Christ. No matter what they were doing, they always kneel and ask for Mother Mary’s intercession. I remember having drinks with them once. And I asked Aaron, why does he prefer marrying a Catholic girl. He says, “One day, when the time comes, I hope to meet my wife in heaven and still be still together with her then and forever.” Awww. That’s really sweet! I’m extremely honoured to witness you both taking the first step towards His Kingdom together.


Darrenkane and Sheryl with NTU’s Catholic Students Apostolate Group at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

This was followed by Darrenkane and Sheryl’s wedding.They’ve been together since after JC days and they’ve been stable throughout the years. I’ve been friends with Darrenkane through university days through our CCA, NTU’s Catholic Students Apostolate Group. He has always been that one stable, calm, and mature trainee teacher whom everyone always respected. And, it’s interesting to share that while Darrenkane is a devout Catholic and Sheryl is a Methodist, they always supported each other’s faith and helped the other to grow. In fact, that’s how all of us have become so familiar with Sheryl – she attended more CSA events than most of us. And, I’ve gotten so close to both of them that I eventually met Sheryl even without Darrenkane around. Haha!


Wedding dinner photo with the couple, Darrenkane and Sheryl, at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Being part of Darrenkane and Sheryl’s relationship milestone was inspiring and seeing my closest university friends there felt so promising. For one, Darren and Sheryl has always been confident and secure about their relationship. You wouldn’t hear them have dramatic arguments nor second-guess one another. That’s actually possible! Plus, they knew when it was time – seven years wasn’t too long or too short. They know that they can do it as long as they’re together. Secondly, our group of friends have (hopefully) grown out of immature, dramatic, and complicated relationships. Some of us have found our priestly vocation, some are happy with their boyfriends/girlfriends/fiancé, and others are comfortably single. Thirdly, we are still in touch with one another and attending each other’s wedding even after surviving university and our early working years. Yay!


Group photo during Darrenkane and Sheryl’s Wedding Lunch Reception at Holy Trinity Church, Tampines

And, last but not the least, is James and Joanna’s wedding. I loved this wedding because the couple’s personality oozes out from every aspect of the ceremony. The day was simple – lunch reception was in church and there was no hotel dinner banquet after. The invites, props, and programme booklets were all designed by the bride herself. The wedding march had preschoolers whom the bride were teaching! The priest was all bubbly and jokingly sharing about the couple and how he’s seen them grow.


Lunch reception with bridge and groom, Joanna and James, at Blessed Sacrament Church, Queenstown Singapore

And at the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom gave their wedding speeches. James was going through this endless list of people to thank. Then, once he reached the point to acknowledge his bride, Joanna, he turns to her and go, “To Jo, my wife, WE DID IT!” And they high-fived! Oh, I wish I captured that moment! It totally sums up who they are and the kind of relationship they have. And, I shall add that (or something similar) to my relationship goals too!

It’s really amazing to see how these relationships have grown to this point. I’m sure they’ve faced a lot of challenges and conquered tons of differences. Yet, they stood in front of God, decided and promised to “love each other till death do they part.” (For Aaron’s case, even more) And, this weddings are just the beginning an even more exciting future ahead! And, I am so excited to just be their friend and see how their love blossoms.


Having fun at the Photobooth during James and Joanna’s wedding

Oh. And, pardon me but I’d just like to add this one last photo. I have no idea what was going on or what Edward and I were talking about. But, for some reason, I think (I hope) that smile in my face is a sign of good things to come. ❤


Edward and I at Chua’s residence, post wedding ceremony.

Okay. That’s all for now! Shall update you with even-longer list of weddings in 2015 at the end of the year! 🙂

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