December 2014 with My Sisters

Last Christmas, my sisters Kitkat and Kim (yes, those are their real names) came to visit Malaysia and Singapore.  We only see each other once a year so this is always a very very exciting time for me. And, before the year flies by, I’d like to share a few anecdotes and highlights of their trip.

So, of all things, we decided to start our KL trip by going to Batu Caves. We actually discussed the itinerary the previous night we agreed to just the place from the ground. But somehow, once we reached, we decided to climb the 207++ steps up to the caves in this mountain. Can you see the stairs in our backdrop? Yup there’s more to that. And, once you start, it’s a pity if you don’t continue. So, we just laughed and panted with every step, not believing how we got ourselves into such trouble. I must say, once we reach the top, the rock formation was very intriguing but the sense of accomplishment felt much better. This photo was taken after the climb, and we reached back down alive – so take this as our achievement award. Haha!

Oh. By the way, the whole reason why we’re in Kuala Lumpur was because Kitkat wants to see the Petronas Twin Towers. We took a photo of it once they arrived the previous night. But apparently, night photos doesn’t count in her “must visit” list. So, the next day, we booked our own private car and tour guide to explore as much of KL as possible within 10 hours. And one of our final stop before our 5pm flight was here. We were so tired but we realised how Kitkat and Kim regains their energise every “photo-taking” time. So, here’s our obligatory shot. #achievementunlocked

 IMG_0380 IMG_0546

For their first day in Singapore, I brought Kitkat and Kim to explore the whole Marina Bay area – from Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade, etc etc. I realise how fast things change in Singapore because they were just here a few years back. But lo and behold, there are new tourist attractions here again. These were the morning and night shots. Plus, it was quite nice that the whole place was Christmas themed this year. It certainly brought the holiday spirits up and picture-perfect. Tee hee!


Kitkat, Kim and I went to Legoland too. It was the craziest day! We booked those bus packages for a day trip. And seems like the whole world decided to visit Legoland in the same day too. We were stuck en route to the checkpoint for 4 hours, each way. So we were only inside Legoland for 2 hours. What’s worse? It was raining that day! So, we had to buy the trademark yellow ponchos to get through the day.

Fortunately, nothing could stop our cam-whoring and touristy goals. Instead, we took this as a team-bonding activity. Each of us had a distinct role – to hold the handphone (for selfies), the camera (for proper shots), and the umbrella (to protect our gadgets). So every time we were to take a photo, we would count 1… 2…. And, on the count of three, we have to put the umbrella down (to not cover the view), smile, take a photo, and bring the umbrella back up – all within 10 seconds. Haha! Okay, this might be a “you have to be there” moment. It was intensely hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing at some points so Kitkat and Kim will walk away with the umbrella while I bend over the camera, laughing. Haha.


We also went for seafood dinner at Punggol on one of the evenings. Look at the size of those crabs! Kitkat is a huge fan of chilli crab but Kim finished 4-6 glasses of water during that meal because she couldn’t take the spice. Also, we finished 30 pieces of man toh that night. And, the waitress were shocked by how much we could eat. Hilarious!

Also, I like this evening because it was our first “family dinner” with Edward joining us. I thought it was going to be tense and awkward but we had tons of food and laughter. In fact, Mom was so chummy with Edward that at some point, they started planning a trip to Penang. I have no idea what happened but I’m glad he has been initiated in. #achievementunlocked


Chinatown and Orchard day was one of the rare occasion when Kim wanted to take more photos than Kitkat. You see, Kitkat likes “model-y” shots with tourist attractions. What Kim wants is a solo photo in the middle of the street, market, or what nots. So, once we reached Chinatown, it was heaven for her. It’s really ironic because we stay in Chinatown in the Philippines but well, to each her own. This photo is my favourite one for her so here it goes.


Oh this is a milestone! Kitkat loves having photos of herself in all the attractions so her Christmas wish has been granted. But, for Kim, it was always difficult to guess what she wants.. until we saw this Ferrero Rocher Pop Up Store in the middle of Orchard. My oh my! Did her face lit up! She was beaming like a child opening her first Christmas present while choosing the 24 pieces of chocolate she can put into her box. So, there it goes – especially for our baby girl.


We also visited Madam Tussaud Museum. Oh I can’t explain how much we fangirl-ed upon seeing our favourite celebrities. Actually, it was more them than me. I was the official photographer on this day. And taking camera photos weren’t enough. They had to take selfies too. Oh my gosh! I can’t tell you how long they were camwhoring with Taylor Swift, David Beckham, and Audrey Hepburn. Haha!

I had the most fun taking photos at the Trick Eye Museum. It was my first time there as well so all three of us had to figure out how to pose and which camera again to take from. We had to climb things, lie on the floor, and even balance ourselves! This was hardcore exercise, people! We never knew photo-taking could be strenuous too. That said, our photos look amazing and I’m happy that it’s being showcased in my Facebook page. IMG_0186

Actually, another interesting night was our trip to Mustafa Shopping Centre and the dinner that occurred after that. Firstly, Kitkat and Kim grilled Edward with intense “we want to know more” questions. I feel like they squeezed everything I slowly learnt over the past 6 months into 60 minutes. Well, he passed but I’m still more impressed by the quality of questions my sisters came up with. I was soooo touched.

Also, there were some moments over dinner which showed how comfortable everyone was with each other. Kitkat and Kim were bickering. Edward was talking to mom. And I was just zoning out. And there was this one hilarious moment when I suggested bringing the left over fries back to the hotel. And, Kitkat responded “tapao the friiiiieeesss?!?” in the most bimbotic way ever that cracked the whole table up. Oh – This one, you had to be there! No one can re-enact how Kitkat was.

But yup, it was a great exciting trip all in all. And, I can’t wait for the next time we are all together again. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed our photos. If you want to know more about Singapore, do drop me a message! 🙂

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