Announcement: 30 Day Song Challenge

Hi hello, world! If you’ve seen my earlier blog post, you can tell that I’ve been having some free time in my hands. You are not mistaken. Indeed, I’ve been looking for an impetus to blog a little bit more.

Henceforth, with the support of my friend and fellow blogger, Cumuloq. We will be embarking on an adventure this month: The 30 Day Song Challenge! Yay! It’s been a while so I’m pretty excited. Also, this is my excuse to find out more about Cumuloq‘s song choices – her answers are always far from what I expected. Haha!


Photo credit: Gallery Hip

Anyway, we will be starting out this Sunday, the first of March. The questions are as listed below. We adapted it from Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges. Thank you very much! If you are keen to join us, do drop us a message/comment so that we can tag you as well.

1. The last song you listened to
2. Last song you purchased
3. Favourite song at the moment
4. Favourite youtube artist
5. Favourite male artist
6. Favourite female artist
7. Favourite band
8. Favourite album
9. Live gig or act you want to see
10. Guilty pleasure song
11. Favourite song from a video game
12. Favourite song from an advert
13. Favourite song from a TV show
14. Favourite song from a film
15. Favourite song from a musical
16. Theme song of your childhood
17. First song/album you ever bought
18. Album you found accidentally and love
19. Group you wish had never split
20. Song you want to play at your wedding
21. Song you want to play at your funeral
22. Song that reminds you of a specific event
23. Favourite mainstream song
24. Favourite funny song
25. Favourite foreign language song
26. Favourite sad song
27. Favourite pick-me-up song
28. Favourite song to dance to
29. Song you would recommend to everyone
30. All time favourite song

If you’d like to see how our previous challenges went, please check them out here: 30 Day Movie Challenge and 30 Day Book Challenge!

Catch you on Sunday for our first posts! (:


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