Favourite Tv Moments from 2014

One queer thing about me is my obsession with tv series and how I magically seem to be able to follow tons of shows despite my busy schedule. How I wish! Honestly, the last quarter of 2014 got too hectic for me to follow my favourite escape through. Fortunately, I found some time to catch up on everything before my sisters visited (more on that later) and I’ve been meaning to share my favourite moments with you. So, here goes!

1) Elementary

The is the American adaptation of Sherlock Holmes by CBS. In this scene, Watson is accusing Sherlock of having an elaborate scheme of enticing her boyfriend with a job opportunity to get rid of him. However, Sherlock explains to Watson why he likes her boyfriend and why he only wants the best for him. I like this scene because regardless of Sherlock’s seemingly low EQ, he opens up and shares his viewpoint on how important Watson is to him and how he respects people who understand that. It sounded rationale and detached but very sweet too. Haha!

2) The Big Bang Theory

In case you don’t know, Sheldon Cooper now has a girlfriend! But, don’t freak out! He is still very socially-challenged and unable to comprehend social norms. In this scene, Sheldon explains to Bernadette how he plans to punish Amy during Christmas. But, by doing, he puts his heart on his sleeves naively shared how much he actually loves her. It totally made me melt…

3) Scorpion

Oh this series is my new find. And, with only 15 episodes so far, it’s so easy to catch up to. It basically revolves around a group of “geniuses” led by Walter O’Brien to solve uber complex national problems no one else seems to crack. I like this scene because (1) the team did not even like Christmas but they still created an elaborate domino exhibition which (2) really connected with Ralph who appreciates more “intellectual” things more than simple toys. This is love in geek world! ❤

4) The Newsroom

Another one of my favourite tv series – It questions a lot of our morals and actions. This episode had so much emotion and turning points but this scene was my favourite. The garage scene happened during Charlie Skinner’s funeral. I like why the song was chosen, how it was played, and feeling the significance behind it. Plus a musical break was good in a show where there’s tons of talking. What a perfect way to wrap things up!

(Please click on the link if it doesn’t show. Embedding might not work especially for the last one)

How about you? What were your favourite 2014 tv moments? Do share in the comments section below! Thanks!


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