2014 Yellowcard Concert \m/

Woohoo! Yellowcard came to Singapore again!

Yeaps! My bestfriend, Cumuloq, and I are huge Yellowcard fans. We anticipated their latest albums, attended their earlier concert, and considered attending this upcoming one – if only we didn’t have financial constraints. But lo and behold, the concert gods have heard our request! With a stroke of luck and bountiful kindness from the world, a generous friend randomly offered me a pair of VIP Tickets to their concert at Hard Rock’s The Coliseum. How timely as well, because I’ve been wanting to give my bestie a treat.

Honestly, that day was a loooong crazy day (nay, week) in the office for me but Cumuloq dragged me nonetheless – There’s no way we’re going to let this amazing opportunity pass. And it was a move I would never regret. (Thanks, Cumuloq!)  It was great to take a break from work and be part of a mass of people simply enjoying awesome music. In the most superficial way, listening to one of my favourite bands reminded me of who I am. I brought back to the time when I’m not so engrossed with work, when I don’t drop everything when duty calls, when I don’t define myself with what career milestones I’ve achieved. It was great!

And here’s some pictures I took during the concert too.

20141210_22203520141210_21423120141210_222848Furthermore, here’s one of music-cum-fundraising video they have in view of helping the Invisible Children in Africa. Enjoy and donate too!

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