Hiking With Friends in Christ

One fine day, my friends and I decided to hike the Mount Faber Park – Telok Blangah Hill Park – HortPark trail. Let me tell you. It was no joke. There were a ton of stairs to hike but it was  great outing nonetheless. 

Walking around nature left us with a lot of time to chat with each other and catch up. At some point, we even paused to say a day’s prayer from Catholic Relief Services’s 21 Day Prayer Journey Around The World. When we reached the midpoint, we also broke bread and had lunch together. It was a good break from our hectic working lives – and kinda spending time with nature.

Also, it was my first time visiting the Henderson Waves and the Canopy Walk. I was worn out by the end of it but it was totally worth it. 

Here are some picture I’d like to share:


At the beginning… When we were all energetic and cheerful! Oh yeah! \m/


Us – trying to squeeze ourselves into a stationary cable car… And realising, we can’t see the car once we take a selfie from inside… #fail


IMG-20140823-WA0010 Selfie time when we realised how much stairs this entails.. and how we fear for our lives…   


Our joy upon reaching The Henderson Waves – thinking we were halfway through (we were not).


But at least we could rest and take “act cool” shots!


At this point, I wanna give thanks and credits to Aaron for his selfie stick. How helpful it was!


And, we finally reached the HortPark! What a really beautiful (but extremely hot) place.


There were a bit more steps again but at least we were promised lunch as soon as we reach the top! hehe 🙂  


Here’s a pic at the canopy walk. There’s slightly less of us as at this final lap but it was all good nonetheless.



Featuring the photo of the day. Challenge: Spot the W4 peeps inside! 🙂

All in all, really a great day out. If you’re interested to try it out. You can find Npark’s suggested trail map here.

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