Lego Bank Savings

Last year, I went to Legoland Malaysia and found this uber geeky Lego coin box. I really loved it but I did’t think I’d actually use it. However, I also couldn’t bear to leave it in the store. So… I allowed myself to waste a few bucks if i promise to actually save a few dimes in it.

I decided to place this in the office and resolve to out my lunch coins in it every day. Since I don’t really have a habit of putting my small change in a coin back, I was off to a very slow start. I’d probably forgot about this for weeks in turn until I’ll start to feel broke and urge myself (and others) to donate to my “Rheyza Recession Fund.” Haha

Fast forward to last week, I realised my coin back has gotten really heavy. And, coincidentally, I am itching to buy myself a new wallet. Hence, I decided to break into “my savings account” and see how much I’ve saved up for the past 6-8 months.  20140904_141158 20140904_142915

Hooray Hooray! I found out that I saved $93.30 worth of coins. I’d say that’s a pretty amazing savings! As opposed to usually not knowing where my cents go to, this actually sums up to a huge amount which I can now treat myself with. That’s a real good budget for a new wallet, don’t you think?

So, yup! I’m really pleased and proud of myself! *all smiles* 🙂 🙂 🙂

I shall try my best to continue this coin saving habit of mine. I mean, all one has to do is empty the coins from wallet into the coin bank every once in awhile (especially when my wallet starts looking bulky) and Voila! I have quite a substantial and extremely satisfying treat for myself!

Try it yourself. I’m gonna suggest to have cute and interesting (but cheap) coin box. It really serves as an effective incentive. And, tell us what you are saving up for or treating yourself into! 



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