Gratitude List: Week 27

It was a very special week… and here are the things I’d like to thank for.

  1. Finished reading The Seven Capital Sins by Fulton J. Sheen
  2. Time for mass and adoration and slow dancing with Mr G – and having Him every step of the way…
  3. Dinner at Chilli’s and the unique assortment of food we had
  4. Meeting up with my JC friends again and the camaraderie after all these years
  5. My (relatively new) supportive and caring friends from W4
  6. All my friends-cum-prayer-warriors who support me spiritually and help me pray when I need it
  7. Three gym sessions – inclusive of yoga!
  8. Having the time to do a 3km night walk around Bishan Park
  9. 10km hike (and getting lost) at McRitchie Reservoir
  10. And the beautiful scenery and event while I was there…
  11. July 5th 2014 – a blessed day to remember. ❤
  12. For cookies, cookie monster mug, and Edward.


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