Gratitude List: Week 26

  1. Finally completing the 30 Day Movie Challenge with my bestie Cumuloq (again, I’m really sorry for the delay).
  2. A serene and beautiful walk at Changi Beach Club after a long day at work.
  3. Granted 4 magical wishes (and reached my KPI).
  4. Hosted a (rock-star themed) volunteer appreciation party.
  5. Listening to endless 80’s and Rock Songs through the week.
  6. A week long of bumping into old friends and making tons of new ones.
  7. Off day = one day less of official work => Time to work for Mr G.
  8. Being one of the facilitators during Christ The King Church’s CC3 Camp – meeting new friends, listening to tons of stories about Mr G, and sharing my stories about him.
  9. Having the chance to be His instrument of peace and love; Witnessing His majestic powers and my friends’ boundless faith in Him.
  10. For receiving tons of gifts from Him.
  11. Managed to squeeze in 2 gym sessions despite all these.
  12. Plus, mass and reconciliation (confession).
  13. Watching Transformers: Age of Destruction – realising it just deserves a disappointing 2/5 stars and being thankful for the voucher we used for this.


Ok. That’s all for now. I think the upcoming week is gonna be a lot more fun (slightly less work) so, let’s see.. Cherrios! 🙂

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