30 DMC: Day 28 – Your Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

Haha! If you’ve checked Cumuloq‘s page, I gotta agree with her. I’m definitely “less allergic” to action/adventure movies. If you haven’t visited her post, you can view it here. Plus, I watched a lot of these because my mom loves watching them and I have tons of friends who’ll invite me to accompany them.

To explain more on how tough this is.. I’ve been sitting here for a whole half an hour and I still haven’t decided on which one to write about. I don’t really like those medieval war movies but I’ve actually watched most of the things she mentioned in her first paragraph. I actually enjoy all the superhero, sci-fi, technology action movies – Avengers, Batman, Mission Impossible, Transporter, Terminator, Robocop, Matrix, Bourne, The Fast and The Furious – I’ve watched them all. Show me some cool toys and a semi-decent plot, I’m prolly off to the cinema watching it. But, what I really like are action/adventure movies a really good plot twist which completely leave my mind blown by the end of the show.

However, I’m going to try not to choose a movie which has a few sequels for this challenge. I’d rather choose a stand alone one because I don’t really like the idea of producers piggybacking on one movie’s success over and over again for the sake of profit. Or, in any case, we all know they are good – that’s why they have a whole series anyway. So, for top choices are the following:

1. Face Off

This movie between John Travolta and Nicholas Cage might be really old but, I think it’s one of the best classic action movie ever. Reason being, this probably introduced the idea with a brilliant plot in an action movie to me. Meaning, I didn’t have to watch guys shooting one another in vain to collect some small thing for two whole hours. Instead, there was a deep plot involving love, loss, revenge and moral ethics here. And, seriously, who came up with changing the faces idea and how can the people around them not tell the character difference. I must say, Cage and Travolta’s acting in this movie was amazing! I respected them from here on.

2. Minority Report

In this movie, a specialized police department uses visions of the future generated by three “precogs”, mutated humans with precognitive abilities, to stop murders before they happen. The sci-fi element fused with the moral dilemma in this movie totally appealed to me. The uber futuristic ideas and toys they showcased during the movie were to die for. These served as a benchmark for tons of tech-toys we now have. And, I think it’s a matter of time before we face the same ethical issues they faced in the movie as well. Hence, it was a really good movie to watch. And for the screenwriters and producers to come up withs such futuristic and deep ideas is just remarkable!

3. The Inception

To go in a dream in a dream in a dream to change one idea. Wow! Isn’t that just mindf*cking? Well, watching the movie certainly was. You have to follow every step they make and understand the whole plot. Otherwise, you might get caught in a limbo for the rest of the movie. Again a very original and unique plot which blew the grey matter out of everyone! This made me wonder where my ideas lie, how deeply ingrained they are, and if I am living in a dream. Indeed, the ending (after credits) of this movie just left me dumbfounded for the longest time, debating with my friends as to what that might mean. What do you think?

4. Real Steel

This movie rolls sports plus drama plus sci-fi into one. What’s not to like? I, for one, really enjoyed watching it. It brought the idea of robots the next notch and made it seem really cool to have one. I thought Hugh Jackman (as Charles ‘Charlie’ Kenton) and Dakota Goyo (as Max Kenton) portrayed their roles perfectly in this movie – they engaged us, made us laugh, and made us feel, built a relationship not just with the robots but with us as well.  Heck – they made the robot not just fight but dance, ok? Plus, I’d imagine that the father and son relationship here was something a lot of people would hope for. Well, I really liked the whole movie so yah.

5. Edge of Tomorrow

Well, I just watched this movie last week and I was surprisingly impressed by it. Hence, it goes up the list. Haha! I actually like the idea of going back through time to restart over and over again. And I like how Major William Cage (Tom Cruise),’s character developed through the movie. He became from an obnoxious coward to a courageous gentleman. I would have liked to see what the Mimics can do more but well, it was good nonetheless. If you like this movie, do check out Source Code as well.

We’re on the last few days of our 30 Day Movie Challenge. Please do continue to support Cumuloq and I. Catch you for our least favourite movie tmr! 🙂

One thought on “30 DMC: Day 28 – Your Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

  1. I love FACE OFF! My DVD of this is so old that you have to turn it over half way through the movie lol 🙂 I was also surprised by Edge of Tomorrow I really, really liked it and originally I only went at all because my Husband wanted to go see it – which never happens so I was embracing it for all it was worth hahaha.


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