30 DMC: Day 27 – Your Favourite Horror Movie

Before I begin, just a gentle reminder to visit Cumuloq‘s for her fave horror movie. Here’s another post where I’m gonna have to put up my top three choices.

1. Chucky (Child’s Play)

It’s a story about a toy doll which comes to life and kills people! What can be more sick than that? I mean, one moment it goes, “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna Play? We’re gonna be friends forever.” And the next, it goes, “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Oh my gosh! That gave me nightmares! Chucky was so vulgar and mean – I don’t know why my parents let my watch such a disturbing and scary show. Plus, no one believed Charles when he warned people. Worst still – there were never-ending sequels which my parents made me watch too! First released in 1988, I watched Chucky as a child and this movie has always haunted me. I never became a fan of toy dolls. I think they are freaky (even until now). As long as something has a hard head, I’d politely decline the gift and settle for a nightmare-free sleep instead. I wouldn’t want anyone trying to kill me in my sleep. Thank you very much.

2. The Cabin in the Woods

In this movie, a group of friends where spending their weekend at a seemingly deserted cabin. After a while weird but cliche scary things started happening. From the viewer’s perspective, we learn that the cabin was actually being manipulated by a group of engineers to turn this into a movie. There was even some god ritualistic twist thrown in towards the end. The concept was just sick and brilliant at the same time. It’s not very scary but it was so annoyingly convoluted and mindblowing- I gotta give it a thumbs up for a rather unique plot. In fact, I’ve watched this a few times to fully absorb how conniving it was and how it all turned around thanks to our protagonist. Plus, I like Marty, a frequent marijuana smoker – since he was high, everything he says was rather profound but sensible in this scenario. Do have a watch!

3. The Conjuring

Cumuloq and I watched this in the cinema together and, embarrassingly, we were frantically screaming in fear! I was spooked very badly in a roomful of people! Thankfully, the rest of the movie house were as well. Haha! The effects weren’t a lot actually. But, the sounds effects and witty camera tricks were brilliant. In fact, I think the pride and glory of this movie was how simple and raw and believable it was. Director James Wan did a great job putting everything together – the casting, the cinematography, and music score! I mean the knocking in the cupboard, the bed sheet scene, the walking up and down the stairs, and again the Annabelle doll! There’s something about dolls, I tell you. Plus, the more you think about the movie, the more it haunts you at night. A day after I watched this, I had to fly to Hong Kong and stay in a hotel room on my own. That was a really terrible night…. I was too scared to shower, turn the tv off, or sleep.

How about you? What’s our favourite horror movie? Please do share. We’ll definitely take that into consideration for our next movie night.

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