30 DMC: Day 25 – Your Favourite Comedy Movie

I actually think there’s tons of awesome comedy movie. I enjoy watching all of them. But, if I were to think of my favourite one… one that makes my tummy hurt so badly every time I watch it. I have one special one to share.

My all-time favourite comedy movie is “Rush Hour.” It’s a lightweight but highly enjoyable buddy cop movie featuring the funniest actors ever! Well, all cop comedy movies (here) are always hilarious but this goes to the top of my list.

Firstly, I’ve always loved Jackie Chan’s movies – I grew up watching them. And, i gotta say – Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make the best dynamic duo! With contrasting personalities, I guess Tucker added a new flavour to Chan’s humour.  I mean, Jackie Chan’s awesome Kung Fu moves was combined with Chris Tucker’s solid one-liners. Tucker’s motormouth in contrast to Chan’s poor command of English and Chan’s modest and self-effacing persona in contrast to Tucker’s shameless self-promoting character were the perfect ingredients for a movie which will make your tummy ache.

Elite Daily

Also because of their cultural difference, the racist jokes were just endless. And this inspired them to accept each other for they are and teach one another to adapt.


Plus, they aren’t scared to be honest or assertive to each other. They say things as they are and keeps each other on their toes. And seriously, for 2 police cops, they got into a whole bunch of troubles (and moral dilemmas).



So because of them, I loved the whole “Rush Hour” series. And, it’s not just me. My whole family – from sisters to grandparents – loves watching this together too. It always turns out to be a whole night of boisterous laughter and fun entertainment! We love the whole movie to bits and pieces – all the way to the after credits to watch the bloopers.

And, I guess that’s a major plus point. First released in 1998, this movie doesn’t seem to be as full of innuendoes and dirty jokes as the recent ones. It’s just funny because the actors were great, the script was hilarious, and the antics hit the funny bones. Hence, this makes the movie a wholesome family-friendly film all of us can enjoy. No awkward “should I close my eyes now” moments – or at least, not that I recall.

But seriously this movie was really so funny it gives me an “ab workout” every time I watch it. Watching Chan and Tucker enjoy and have fun certainly bring tons of enjoyment for all their viewers too. They were just so natural and spontaneous. I mean, whenever I watch them, I leave the theatres feeling like this…

tumblr_lsf7r5iCPO1qbu0rao1_500 (1) tumblr_meyhmhyBnZ1rbq997 (1)

And for more movies to make you laugh until you cry, please visit Cumuloquoise and check out her choices. She has really good recommendation! 🙂

PS: All photo credits goes to Elite Daily.

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