30 DMC: Day 24 – A Movie That Makes You Cry

Before I start, I’d like to remind you to visit Cumuloq‘s site as we continue to progress on the last week of our 30 Day Movie Challenge. Today, we will be sharing about a movie that makes us cry…

In all honesty, the movie which turns my eye duct into a faucet of tears is “I Am Sam” as released in 2001. Even if I was 12 years old when I watched this, this made such a huge impact in my life and is something I will never forget ever.

The story is about Sam Dawson (Sean Penn), a man with a developmental disability, who is the single father of Lucy (Dakota Fanning). At a surprise party Sam planned for Lucy, a child and his father torment Sam. He is said to have “assaulted” the child. As there had already been several issues, such as Sam unwittingly talking to a hooker, and Lucy “showing signs” that Sam is a burden,  Lucy was subsequently taken away from him. In order to get Lucy back, Sam has to prove that he can look after her and win a custody battle. However, given that he has a mental age of 7 and Lucy was turning 8 soon, this was a difficult battle to win. As such, Sam approaches a high-powered lawyer, Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer) who surprisingly agreed to take the case pro-bono. This then leads to a series of trials and interactions wherein Rita learns a lot from Sam on how to be a good parent.

This was such a heartbreaking movie to watch and I really couldn’t stop crying throughout the whole movie. I mean, on one hand, Sam was a very loving and caring father who is perfect for Lucy. However, it is undeniable how his developmental disability will hinder Lucy’s growth. Indeed, there was a scene where Lucy refused to continue reading the book so that she doesn’t seem smarter than her dad and that she won’t insult him.

How mature and loving their relationship is! Both of them giving so much respect and reverence to the other and hoping to see the other person get better. On one hand, Lucy love her father so much she hates to make him feel inferior. On the other hand, Sam motivates Lucy to be better because he loves her that much. Imagine how a “retarded” father overflowing with so much love that this is how he thinks despite not have an intellectual capacity to do tons of other things.

I also like how the relationship between Sam and Rita and how it grew through the show. They initially seemed worlds apart – with Rita living a successful while Sam’s is falling apart. But, meeting each other opened their mind and heart to a lot more things – especially about the importance of relationships and how to be a good parent. After a while, we learn and sympathise to how vulnerable, minute, and inadequate they both feel – and watching them realise that despite these, they are enough…

But, what I like best in the movie was the way Sam is able to touch the lives of others, Rita, his four friends, Annie (his next door neighbour), Randy (the lady who wishes to adopt his daughter) and above all else, Lucy. We always want to feel that we have eveything sorted out and that we know best, and now, here is Sam who is the completely lost and confused and inadequate to deal with everything. Yet, despite his ‘deficiency’ Sam is gifted with a special grace to see the inner and deeper need to love and be loved. His values and ideas are simple and truthful. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to withhold. Truly, his unconditional and sincere love was “all the love that [Lucy] needs.” Indeed, Sam and Lucy turned out to have the most beautiful and loving father and daughter relationship ever.

If you haven’t watched this, I urge you to do so. There’s much to learn from children and differently-abled people. Here’s a trailer for you to be more enticed…

Ok. That’s all now. I’m off to sob myself to sleep after re-watching all those clips again. Tata! ❤

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