30 DMC: Day 22 – A Movie That You Know Practically The Whole Script Of

Hello, friends! Let me just begin by saying thanks for visiting my site, Rhey of Sunshine. I really hope you enjoy reading what I post and that it somehow value adds your life.

Also, thanks for continuously supporting and following Cumuloq and I as we journey through this 30 Day Movie Challenge together. It’s a roller coaster ride which is really that much more fun having all of you around. Indeed, Cumuloq’s posts for today truly cracked me up so please remember to visit her once you’re done reading mine.

Today, we are sharing about movie(s) that we know practically the whole script of. I’m not sure if anyone purposely memorizes movie scripts. I don’t. But, I have somehow watched a number of movies so many times that I have remembered their script by heart. So, I’d like to highlight my favourite ones and share them with you.

1. Matilda (1996)

As a child, I’ve always daydreamed the possible of myself turning into Matilda. She is an astoundingly bright little girl who is very eager to learn. She actually goes to the public library herself! Eventually, her insensitive parents send her to a school run by Miss Trunchbull – a cruel authoritarian who loathes children. Matilda befriends her school teacher, Miss Honey who soon realizes Matilda’s talents, intellectually and telekinetically.

I liked this movie so much that my grandfather actually recorded it into a Betamax followed by VHS afterwards so that I can watch this over and over again. I might have watched it every weekend for months on end in his television. As such, it’s no surprise I still remember the script by heart.

In fact, I’ve never heard the word “difficulty” in my life without hearing the sing song-y way of spelling it as shown in Matilda. Somehow, as though on auto play, the song below always plays in my head whenever someone says the “difficult” word.

2. Mulan (1998)

I like a lot of Disney princesses but if I really think about it, I think Mulan is the one whom I can relate to the most. I’ve actually read about Hua Mulan in my Chinese History books and watching her come alive in a movie was magical for me. In addition, my grandmother’s favourite fairytale during my childhood was “Ever After” followed by “Mulan” – probably due to the Chinese history. As such, she somehow approved and enjoyed of me watching this over and over. And, I can’t complain. Mulan might actually be one of my biggest inspiration in life. I deeply admire her filial piety, self-worth, courage and ideals. I enjoyed watching the movie over and over in attempt to learn her ways, manners and emulate the respectable person that she is.

In fact, I’ve watched this movie so many times, I’m sure I know not just the spoken script but the song lyrics as well. As a 11/12 year old impressionable tween, I’m sure I’ve watched Lea Salonga’s “Reflection” tons of times as I melodramatically question the person I am as well. But, through the years, I’ve always enjoyed listening (and singing to) the songs “A Girl Worth Fighting For,” “I’ll Make A Man Out of You,” and “Bring Honour to Us All.” They just so catchy and motivating. I may even know the different voices and can attempt to voice over this! Haha!

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

Wow! Another movie about discovering families you never knew you had! What’s up with the 90s? But, well, I totally loved this Lindsay Lohan movie. The “twins” were just so adorable. Back then, Annie and Hallie were the “tweens” all of us dreamed of becoming. Going for a summer camp wherein you discover a long-lost sister, get a complete makeover, and go back to a different home – that’s a “brilliant beyond brilliant” idea! Also, I probably finally figured out the difference between American and British accent thanks to this movie. Plus, I totally enjoyed practicing and copying their snappy and witty comebacks.

Hallie: You wanna know the *real* difference between us?
Annie: Let me see… I know how to fence and you don’t… Or I have class and you don’t. Take your pick.
Hallie: Why I oughta!

And, of course, their unforgettable poker scene. I actually didn’t know how to play poker but to better understand this movie, I actually cracked the encyclopedia to comprehend and learn poker. I imagined that I’d one day get into this win-poker-or-jump-into-the-pool-naked scenario and I’d know what to do. Haha! Fortunately it didn’t happen in real life because, truthfully, what are the odds of getting a straights in diamonds and a royal flush, right?

Hallie: [playing poker with Annie at camp] I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I’ll make you a little deal: *loser* jumps into the lake after the game.
Annie: Excellent.
Hallie: Butt naked.
Annie: Even more excellent. Start unzipping, Parker.
[revealing her hand to Hallie]
Annie: Straight, in diamonds.
Hallie: You’re good James… but… you’re just not good enough.
[revealing her hand to Annie]
Hallie: In your honor, a royal flush.

And, most importantly, Annie and Martin secret handshake! My sister Kitkat and I actually replayed this scene over and over in slow motion to learn that secret handshake. Then, we’d try doing this in public places like restaurants, mall, etc. Looking back, this movie was so popular back then, it was probably nowhere near “secret.” Sigh… Well, it was pretty cool nonetheless. If you’d like to refresh your memory on how it goes, here’s a video.

Okay. That’s it for now. Again, please remember to drop by Cumuloq‘s. We’ll catch you tomorrow for a book or television show we, as individuals, wish would be made into a movie. Ciao! ❤

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