Gratitude List: Week 24

Dear Mister G, last week was a rather odd one for me – I was sick and busy and contemplative. But in those moments, I’m glad to still encounter a lot of you in everything and everyone around me. Hence, thank You being around and all the things below.

  1. For being unwell hence forcing me to have a break, stay in bed, and take a rest.
  2. For mommy who took care of me while I was unwell.
  3. For recovering early enough for me to squeeze 2.5 gym sessions in the later part of the week.
  4. For being able to visit the adoration room for 3 days in a row and feeling Your warm comforting embrace.
  5. For an unexpected Infant Jesus novena and 2 enlightening masses.
  6. For having people who trusts me enough to share their thoughts and opinions.
  7. For a whole day of catching up, reflection, and shopping with Steph.
  8. For ‘Cards Against Humanity’, ‘Weird Story’ games, endless laughter and rejuvenating fellowship with church friends.
  9. For the 2 books lent to me this week – “The Seven Capital Sins” by  Fulton Sheen and “What’s Your Decision?”by Sparough, Manney, and Hipskind.
  10. For penguins, tigers, and dogs and all the animals in the world.
  11. For the friend who brought me to the doctor, listened to me rant, and shared ‘horror stories’ with me so openly and sincerely.
  12. For daddy who loves us so selflessly and unconditionally. #happyfathersday
  13. Last but not the least, I wanna thank God for being god. Thank you for taking that job description and being so good at it. No one could ever do everything better than You, Mr G. Love lots! ❤

IMG-20140608-WA0100  IMG-20140608-WA0083

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