30 DMC: Day 20 – Your Favourite Movie from The 80s or 90s

Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio

I’m not sure how many of you know or recall this movie. I honesty didn’t even know it was released in 1984 but, now that I do, I have to say that my favourite movie from the 80/90’s is “The Gremlins!”

The “Gremlins” movie is about a young man who receives a strange creature called a mogwai as a pet. There are three specific instructions for looking after Mogwai: never expose it to bright light (especially sunlight, which will kill it); never get it wet; and, most importantly: no matter how much it cries or begs, never, ever feed it after midnight. Otherwise, they will transform into small, destructive, evil monsters. Imagine an extreme version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Here’s the trailer – just in case:

As you can see from the trailer/summary, the movie is like a Christmas family story that rolls love, horror and comedy into one! The effects and cinematography might not be quite there yet but I thought the plot and idea behind was really unique and astounding! It’s just epic!

I always thought gremlins were the cutest things ever. It even changes looks! I remember watching this and wondering where I can get such a pet. I even told mommy, “Please get me one… I promise I will follow the rules!” I think I might have gotten the toy version… Hahaha! But, seriously, whoever thought of this little creatures are brilliant! I actually think the world is missing out on not having such creatures around.

But, I guess we do have some gremlin-like creatures in the world – only, they take a different form – Minors! Through years (and even until now), my aunties and uncles would call my cousins and I “gremlins.” For example, “where are all the gremlins? Have the gremlins eaten yet?” I guess it’s an endearment which would always stick in the family. Even I have started using “gremlins” to address to the younger cousins and/or nieces and nephews of mine. I mean, isn’t it so true? The toddlers are the cutest thing ever – but when you don’t do what they ask and they decide to throw a tantrum, they turn into freaking monster!

Plus, I somehow got the idea in my head that if I am nice and obedient, I can look like the cute adorable gremlins. On the flip side, if I was rude and unkind to others, I would turn into those ugly monster-looking ones in the middle of the night. It somehow thought me to always try to be on the good side and do the right thing.

Yes, gremlins actually thought me moral stories! Imagine that! Haha. Henceforth, with all these reasons, I have to say that Gremlins is my favourite 80/90’s movie. How about you? Which ones are your favourite?

Also, please check out Cumuloq’s post and find out her movie choice for this category as we persevere through the 30 Day Movie Challenge.


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