30 DMC: Day 19 – Your Favourite Animated Movie

This is probably going to be slightly biased since I watched today’s movie choice recently but, oh wells. My Favourite Animated Movie is How To Train A Dragon. Yes, both the first and second part. They were both awesome!

Firstly, I’m glad this movie isn’t another cliched animation love story which gives us some cotton candy and rainbows idea of love. Living in a high-tech world, I appreciate that this movie involves vikings and dragons. How cool is that?! Indeed, I feel that “How To Train A Dragon” is a story about courage and bravery where we could learn a few lessons too. This story revolves around Hiccup – the protagonist who can is merely finding his purpose in life.

And yeah, well… I really like Hiccup. I like how he started out as a boy who is different from all the other vikings. Even his father – the king of the tribe – was doubtful of his potential. But instead of inspiring to be the best and above the rest, Hiccup aspires to find himself so that he can fully be who his meant to be. And with this difference, he discovers something entirely different from what everyone thought and ignited a world of a difference in his community. Imagine – he tamed and trained a freaking dragon and inspired all the other vikings who kills dragons to do the same. Wow!

Indeed, all his other ideas are as adventurous and crazy as this. Hence, I couldn’t deny a sense of admiration for him just as Astrid confronted him about this dragon business.

Astrid: It’s a mess. You must feel horrible. You’ve lost everything; your father, your tribe, your best friend…
Hiccup: Thank you for summing that up. [sadly] Why couldn’t I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods? Would’ve been better, for everyone.
Astrid: Yep, the rest of us would have done it. So why didn’t you? [Hiccup doesn’t answer] Why didn’t you?
Hiccup: I don’t know. I couldn’t.
Astrid: That’s not an answer.
Hiccup: [irate] Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?
Astrid: Because I want to remember what you say, right now.
Hiccup: [angrily] Oh, for the love of – I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon.
Astrid: You said “wouldn’t” that time.
Hiccup: [snaps] Well, whatever! I wouldn’t! Three hundred years, and I’m the first Viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon.
Astrid: First to ride one, though. So…
Hiccup: I wouldn’t kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him and I saw myself.
Astrid: I bet he’s really frightened now. What are you going to do about it?
Hiccup: Eh, probably something stupid.
Astrid: Good, but you’ve already done that.
Hiccup: Then something crazy! [runs off]
Astrid: That’s more like it! [follows him]

And, Toothless. Oh how I love Toothless! He exudes an air of mystery and elegance which calls for respect among his peers. Plus, I like the relationship he has with Hiccup. He’s the most adorable dragon ever who acts like a very loyal obedient and well-trained dog (my soft spot). He’s always ever ready to protect and defend people he cares about. How I wish I can have a pet like him!

Moreover, the animation and cinematography is just amazing! The details on each dragon are remarkable. I can only imagine how much thought the team put into each dragon’s texture, size, colour and personality! This coupled with the amazing flying scenes and facial expressions … Truly, Peter Hastings and  Chris Sanders managed to combine brilliant comedic and touching moments together and create the best animation movie I could watch!

So yes, it’s my pleasure to say  that “How To Train A Dragon” is my favourite animated movie. There’s actually more reasons on why but these kinda encapsulates it. If you haven’t caught the second movie, I’d suggest you to do so. In the meantime, please visit Cumuloq’s site for her choice on this category.


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