30 DMC: Day 18 – Favourite Movie Series or Trilogy

Thinking about it, there’s way too many movie series/trilogy around. I don’t even think some of the latter installations are justifiable – but I won’t go into that. When deliberating on which ones to choose for tonight’s topic, I can’t deny that X-Men, Avengers, and Final Destination series came to mind. But, after much thought, I decided to choose that one that means the most to me.

I’m not even going to sugar coat or deny this. I think it’s time for me to share my love for J K Rowling’s masterpiece – The Harry Potter Series. Yes, the whole movie is based on a book but somehow I think the series of movies created a stronger impact on me than the novels themselves.

Firstly, since the actors are roughly around my age, I feel a certain affinity to them. I mean, we basically grew up together – from young adolescents through awkward puberty to being dashing young ladies and gentlemen. We’ve watched Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, etc grow up into who they are now. Akin to my parents being proud of so-and-so from their generation, I think growing up with the Harry Potter is something I can be proud of. It will be like, “Young girl, Harry Potter was from my time you know?” or “Emma Watson is only a year younger than me you know?” Haha!

Plus, theirs was a story about family, friendship, love, adventure, learning, fighting, and fulfilling their purpose in life. I’ve learn so much about love, death, and courage about this movie. When times are tough, I know I can have a Harry Potter marathon, escape into their Wizarding World and things will be alright. We know the people there, how the plot will turn out, and how good will prevail over greed and evil. It’s a comfort zone which will always be there for us to go back to when our own world gets daunting and overwhelming.

In addition, every Harry Potter movie reminds me of a special milestone in my life. Somehow, I can still remember that I watched the first movie on a Saturday afternoon with my classmates-turned-close-friends in the Philippines back when I was in first year of High School. And this love transcended borders even when I came to Singapore. In university, I remember fan-girling with Cumuloq to catch the final installation. And, through the years in between, I recall the numerous movie marathons in different houses with different group of friends to prepare for each and every upcoming movie. (I probably know the script by now.) This was a book which brings everyone our age group together, no matter how different you are. I mean, I bond with my sister, my cousins, and my grandmother over Harry Potter. What else can I say?

I guess, the Harry Potter series have a very significant sentimental value to me. Each character feels like family and every story is a special part of my life. I must say that this series seems like it will always make it my favourite movie series of all time.

How about you? Which movie series or trilogy is your favourite? Also, please remember to visit Cumuloq‘s page to find out why The Cornetto Trilogy is her favourite for this category.

Tata! ❤


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