30 DMC: Day 16 – Favourite Teen Movie

As mentioned earlier, I’m under the weather today. I just took my drowsy medicine so I’ll probably feel sleepy in a few minutes time so let me just write a quick list.

I’m not sure what “teen movie” means but if I were to have a slumber party to reminisce my teenage years, I’d definitely have this 5 movies. As you can see, the trailers are all really old – because well, it’s been a while since my “teen years.” Let’s just say that with all these meds, it’s a night of nostalgia.

1. Center Stage

‘Center Stage’ us like the dance movie which allowed all of to dream to be dancers even if we have two left feet. The dance movie before Honey, Save the Last Dance, Step Up and other dance movies.

2. Raise Your Voice

And, of course, the movie which let’s us dreams of going out there and being the singing sensation we want to be – even if the only place we can ever really sing in is the bathroom. It’s those follow your dreams and everything will be fine – with a boyfriend as a bonus – kind of movie. The lyrics, “I won’t give up, someone’s watching over me” simply resonates deeply in me. Plus, I really liked Hilary Duff back then.

3. Mean Girls

How can slumber party have no “Mean Girls.” It was like the Holy Grail of teenage girls from my generation. The movie which exquisitely demonstrates the difference between being popular and being right. Also, it shows us how to be a friend and how to treat friends. This movie has quotes and life-lessons which all of us still go back to till now.

4. Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

It’s never easy to find the best friends of your life. And once we find the, we hope that our friendship can withstand any changes. Occurring over summer, this movie basically shows how friendship can go beyond time and distance and that your friends will always be there for you no matter what. Also, pretty cool that I like the actresses in this movie.

5. Coyote Ugly

Well, of course we know our life isn’t going to be perfect. But, it helps to watch movies where the character gets down in the dumps and eventually rises above with everything she dreamed of. I know that the content of this movie is a bit more mature but I watched it as a teen, so it still goes into my favourite teen movie list. Haha!

And for the fun of it, let me just share my favourite closing scene from “Honey:”

Okay. That’s all for now. Again, please remember to visit Cumuloq‘s page. She has a whole list of 10 movies for this category, read about it here.


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