We The Kings – Live in Singapore

I attended the “We The Kings” live in concert at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore – The Coliseum – last week and it was amazing! They are the American rock group from Bradenton, Florida who sang ‘Check Yes Juliet,’ ‘We’ll Be A Dream’ and  ‘Say You Like Me’.

It was actually for a child’s one wish. But since I can’t blog about my work nor the wish child, let me just share some photos I took from the day.

These were during the meet & greet session during sound check. They dedicated ‘Sad Song’ and ‘Say You Like Me’ especially for us! It was like a personal concert!


Charles Trippy


Hunter Thomsen

IMG_0010 IMG_0042


Travis Clark and Coley O’Toole – shirtless!

And, these were during the concert. I gotta say – I’m surprised to realise that I know and like some of their songs! I actually knew the lyrics! Plus, given that we were in the VIP area (as opposed to the mosh pit), I had so much fun and space to rock it out on my own. Look at that crowd!

IMG_0259 IMG_0180 IMG_0124 IMG_0122


Also, you have got to watch this video (2.10-3.15 mins)! The lead singer Travis Clark included our Wish Child in his vlog, summarised what happened, and even left her a beautiful message. We didn’t request for him to do this – he just did! I now have a new-found respect for Travis – he was truly friendly, down-to-earth, and breathtakingly amazing in real life! ❤

Or you can see more photos from Make-A-Wish Singapore’s album here. Please like and share this too!

And, to attempt to summarise how amazing the evening was, here’s a post-concert video produced by Upsurge Productions.

Again, thank you very much, “We The Kings!” You rock! \m/

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