Gratitude List: Week 23

  1. Three satisfyingly painful exercise sessions
  2. Celebrating the church’s birthday during Pentacost mass
  3. A day off from work to do my own stuff outside work
  4. Catching up and shopping with Clairbear
  5. A rockin’ time at “We The Kings” concert! \m/ (my blog post here)
  6. A successful surprise birthday party for Cisca at Cafe Iguana
  7. Meeting my friend’s new boyfriend and seeing how happy she is
  8. Having friends to share His random messages and appreciate them with
  9. Having wonderful friends, Jesp and Margie, to watch the sneak previews of “The Fault in Our Stars” at midnight!
  10. A laid-back but productive Sunday with church friends
  11. Feeling inspired and motivated thanks to Hiccups and Toothless from “How To Train A Dragon 2”
  12. Learning that my language of love is ‘Quality Time’ followed closely by ‘Words of Affirmation’

Make-A-Wish Singapore 10401896_10152173562653297_8936448673175847572_n

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