30 DMC: Day 15 – Favourite Romantic Movie

Hi friends, apologies for the late post. I’m really under the weather. And, thanks to all the drowsy meds, I’ve been sleeping for almost 24 hours now.

Anyway, we’ve reached the middle of the 30 Day Movie Challenge. Today, Cumuloq and I are sharing about our favourite romantic movie. Do check out her page to see what she says about this topic. Her choice was one of my contenders too! Haha!

As usual, I couldn’t choose just one movie so again, here’s my top 3.

1. Friends With Benefits

Firstly, I like that this movie didn’t start with one of those lovey-dovey relationship introduction. Instead, it was the complete flip side of it – sex then love, which I imagine is so much more relevant in the current generation as opposed to all the rom-coms. Or at least, good for those who are sick and tired of the clichéd stories about love.

Also, I like how Jamie (Mila Kunis) and Dylan (Justin Timberlake) have such a buddy-friendship-like relationship. There’s no need to always praise each other or whisper sweet nothings. Instead, they liked each other for who they truly are. They were just so comfortable having each other around amidst the Semisonic’s Closing Time, Kriss Kross’s Jump, and all their other nonsense. It’s like falling in love with your best friend. In addition, it’s also probably the idea of the ’emotionally unavailable’ and ’emotionally damaged’ finding each other and finally being perfect for one another. I mean, all of us are emotionally challenged one way or another, right?

2. One Day

Again, I like the idea of being best friends before finally falling in love and getting portrayed in this movie. When things go horribly wrong for Dexter  (Jim Sturgess), he automatically reaches out to Emma (Anne Hathaway) – even if they haven’t talked for months they just pick up from where they left off. He may have a lot of casual flings and one disastrous marriage, but he goes to the person that matters most when he needs real help – Emma.

Spanning over 30 years wherein Emma and Dexter only meet for one day a year, it really shows how both have grown side by side. Imagine two parallel lines running beside one another only intersecting when they are finally ready for one another. I guess, that’s how I comfort myself whenever I wonder where my soul mate is. I like to think that we are both out there, conquering our own world and doing our best to make a difference in this world, until one day, we’ll finally be ready to meet each other with tons of worldly stories to share with one another.


3. Something Borrowed

This isn’t a very popular romance movie but I remember being very affected while watching the movie. I could probably relate to Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) on how she’s the nice friendly girl-next-door who didn’t get the man of her dreams because aggressively headstrong Darcy (Kate Hudson) always gets her way when it comes to relationships. I also had a friend like Darcy who gets everything she wants which I guess leaves me feeling like Rachel – the one who doesn’t get anything because she doesn’t want to put herself out there.

You see, I have this simple dream that if I guy likes me, he’ll tell me and fight for me – I won’t have to be the first one to make a move and fight for my place. And, I guess this movie gives me a wishful thinking that someday, after all the winding turns and confusing crossroads, things will work out, and I’ll still get the guy I want in the end. You see, given all the outstanding fishes in the sea, I just wish that the one I end up with doesn’t perceive me one of his options… As selfish at it sounds, for once, I just want to be someone only choice.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I totally did! Now, I feel like re-watching all these movies again. Hehe ❤


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