30 DMC: Day 14 – The Best Movie You Saw During The Last Year

Sorry, fellas. I can’t seem to choose ONE best movie I’ve watched last year so, let me share a few again please.

1. Ender’s Game

I actually wasn’t sure what this movie was about when I first stepped into the cinema. But, I gotta say, this movie totally blew my mind. It might due to the graphics, soundtrack or the theatre itself. Whatever it is, it definitely created one of my best movie experience ever! It was so good, I went home and read the book in order to hold on to that sensational sci-fi world a little bit longer.

One of the things which really draws me to this book is the dichotomy between Ender’s superb intelligence and his not-quite-there emotional capacity. His character was just so unique and brilliant, I really grew to like him. Also, this movie truly made me appreciate how we can now create amazing visuals for what creative writers have thought of before. Imagine if we made this movie a few years back?

2. Warm Bodies

Initially, this movie didn’t catch my eye at all. I didn’t even bat my eyelash with all the ads and promotion going around. But, one low-key Friday a few months after the film was released, I guess I decided to watch something new, light-hearted, and not to over-bearing. Hence, I decided to watch ‘Warm Bodies.’ and, man! That’s just a surprisingly touching story.

Why this is one of the best 2013 movies I’ve watched is because of the plot behind it. Honestly, this movie ain’t one of those intense action-packed zombie movies. There’s zombies, running, and shooting but there’s also tons of talking and reflection. How many zombie movies around are shown from the zombie’s perspective himself? It was so cool that this movie was viewed from a zombie’s perspective which allows us to gain (a new insight) on what might be going through their mind. Plus, for love to touch his heart so deeply to bring his humanity back? That’s just amazing plot twist. Well, yah. That’s highly impossible. But, that’s a wishful thinking I’d like to have if and when a zombie apocalypse occurs. Heh!

3. Saving Mr. Banks

I’m probably biased because I watched this movie with my sisters. I thought it was a very nostalgic movie which brought me back to my childhood. Everything was just tender and touching – not too crazy nor flamboyant. It may seem rather long – covering a whole long history behind Mary Poppins – but it flowed smoothly enough to be entirely engaging. Also, for a Disney movie, it was deceptively emotional that made my tears roll non-stop. It’s just crazy to see how much effort goes into building one character and how much it means for a person to share this relationship with others.

In addition, my other honourable mentions would include “The Conjuring”, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Great Gatsby.” Since they’re rather popular, I shall not dwell much on why their my fave 2013 movies anymore. I wonder what would be my favourite movie for this year?

Anyway, please drop by Cumuloq’s page for the best movie she watched last year. She also quite a number of post on her weekly update and a movie review of ‘The Fault in Our Stars.” So be sure to check her blog out here!

Have a great monday, tmr everyone. Night! 🙂


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