30 DMC: Day 12 – Your Favourite Actress

Anne Hathaway – My favourite actress! There’s just too many reasons to love her.

I love Anne Hathaway because she always has this sweet, humble pleasant demeanour that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. She has an impeccable taste in fashion and looks smart and poised in whatever she wears. Truly, she has the grace and elegance any girl would hope for – something she brings this to the roles she plays. I actually find her to be a very good role model.

Moreover, I like the roles she choose to portray in movies. They seem to very likeable and relatable characters which inevitably makes us like Anne herself as well. I always feel inspired to be just like how she is – overcoming adversities with dignity and grace. Plus, we can follow her progress through the years. Even the type of characters she choose have grown more mature. Her development from ‘The Princess Diaries’ to ‘Le Miserables’ is just awe-inspiring!  She is indeed a very gifted and talented actress who can assume and/or imitate the identity of others – and set a new standard for that. With Anne Hathaway, she can do any movie genre and bring a a remarkable calibre to it.

Also, albeit she was a smoker before, she has already quite this. Given the pressure she is under, I actually look up to her for not engaging in more serious addiction. Instead, Anne Hathaway is known to support various charities including The Creative Coalition, The Step Up Women’s Network, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Human Rights Campaign, Freedom to Marry, and The Lollipop Theatre Network.

Last but not the least, how can we not like someone who will can do this?

How about you? Who’s your favourite actress. Here’s a friendly reminder to visit Cumuloquoise‘s page for her fave too! Plus, she has quite a lot of posts for you to enjoy this week. Do check it out! 🙂


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