Gratitude List: Week 22

  1. Trying pilates (and surviving it)!
  2. Going for 2 ado, 2 masses, and His accession – and feeling exulted after.
  3. A mature and comforting prayer meeting with my Catholic friends.
  4. Listening to goosebumps-raising testimonies and stories about Him.
  5. Having Cumuloquoise to do the 30 Day Movie Challenge with.
  6. Weekday dinner at Miam Miam to satisfy Margie’s Mac and Cheese cravings.
  7. A day off of work means I could sleep until noon and stay in bed watching Agents of Shield until 5. And still have time for me to be with Mr G, play ukulele, read a book, and blog.
  8. Whenever Kitkat, Kim, and I are online at the same time and we can have honest and intense catch-up sessions.
  9. Another afternoon at the pet farm with an adorable sheltie who’s now officially named Joey.
  10. A fun adventurous dinner at Chopseuy Cafe (post here) and live band music and drinks at Red Dot BrewHouse.
  11. Boardgames sunday with Margie, Jes, Andre, and Ed at Mind’s Cafe.
  12. “I pray for them” – John 17:9
Joey and I

Joey and I

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