Chopseuy Cafe

Oooh. We discovered a quaint restaurant tucked in Dempsey Hill.

It’s called Chopseuy Cafe as subsidiary of PS Cafe. It’s their first foray into Asian cuisine as inspired by memories of Westernised Chinese food experienced by the owners. The Ambience is breathtakingly beautiful. Its colonial style decor in a black and white house was simply gorgeous. You can sit indoors, outdoors, or by the open window. This coupled by the starry night was just mesmerising.





Sticky Crunchy Baby Squid


Five Spice Lamb Ribs


Crispy Orange Beef aka Rusty Nails


PS Ginger Creme Brule

The food was superbly savoury and scrumptious. The flavours was like an explosion in my mouth. My personal fave was the Five Spice Lamb Ribs. The meat was really tender and juicy and the sauce was unique and tasty – one that I’d love to have again.

Plus, I think that the food was reasonably-priced given its commendable quality. Probably don’t have the dim sum which obviously looked overpriced though.

Last but not the least, the service was really good. Firstly, the food was served in a timely manner. We had just enough time to catch up before the food arrive for us to dig in. They refilled our glass of water as soon as it was empty. They cleared our plates as soon as we were done and offered us the desserts menu before we even asked.

We couldn’t refuse leaving a very positive feedback before we leave. So, really, do check them out. By the way, I’d suggest this for a special date. *wink*

Information can be found here:
Chopsuey Cafe
Add: # 01 – 23. Block 10 Dempsey Rd Singapore 247700
T: +65 9224 6611
FB: Chopseuy Cafe



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