30DMC: Day 05 – Movie That is a Guilty Pleasure

Hello, everyone! It’s a busy Friday so I’m just going to squeeze my time and attempt to write a half decent post for today.

So, the movie I’m really guilty of (still) watching is this 2003 film What a Girl Wants” featuring Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Kelly Preston and Oliver James. I think I watched this a ton of times – even when it wasn’t even age-appropriate anymore.

Daphne Reynolds (Amanda Bynes) was basically is typical American girl who, due to socio-cultural reason, has never met her dad. Hence, she decided to fly to London in search of her father, Lord Henry Dashwood (Colin Firth). He, on the other hand, has given up his seat in the House of Lords to run for election to the House of Commons to eventually become Prime Minister and is under a very critical public scrutiny.

I remember loving the Daphne character, and watching Amanda Bynes put her own spin on everything made this movie completely worth watching. For me, she had such a fun, quirky, and unique personality which I totally adored. She was so different from everyone around her but she remained strong and managed to have everything in her favour. Who would have been able to make such a pretty dress from that grubby one they gave her.

However, this cool and funky Daphne character started causing more trouble to Henry’s political career turning their father-daughter bonding time really rocky. However, given the choice between his career or his daughter, Henry aka Lord Dashwood decided to choose the latter. Good choice!

I think I first watched this movie a few years after my dad left for greener pastures. Unsurprisingly, this plot line hit such a sensitive cord. I was missing my dad terribly and this movie was just the perfect fantasy for me to dream of at night. He left with no proper closure, they found each other, found out they had a lot in common, and Daphne reminded Henry of how to be himself again.

Sometimes, I wished wish I can do the same thing to my dad too. Since the shift, he seems more serious and contained. He’s so different from my dad who loves comic books, movies, and popcorn. I’d imagine walking up to him, shaking him and going, “Hello? Have you forgotten who you are? Look at me! We used to be so similar, almost identical. What happened to you? Come back!” And, then, we’d spend time together and he’d be back to the dad I remembered him to be. Oh, wishful thinking…

I’m not even gonna start on the amazing father and daughter dance they had. The one which I’m still wondering if I’ll ever have…

Furthermore, I really liked the romance between Daphne and Ian Wallace (Oliver James) in this film. Even though I think it would have been a great movie without the love interest, gotta say that Ian was a great addition to the cast. He added another charming dimension to the plot line which I already love. He was a musician who liked her for free-spiritedness and spontaneity. Plus points for his motorbike! This plus the perfect London setting – different from all the American movies I mostly watch – was just mesmerising.

I’d love to meet a cute British musician in a B&B who’d show the city to me, bring on a boat ride, and totally say the perfect things to me. One unforgettable line which makes my heart melt and resonates in me until now was from the scene where they were both rowing/floating on the boat… And, a completely bewildered Ian asks, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?” 

Siggghhh…  Ya. Why?… Now, I feel like taking out the dvd set and re-watching this movie again…

Well, just please do check out Cumuloquoise‘s post about her guilty-pleasure movie as I continue to journey through this challenge with her. We’ll be back tomorrow for the movie which we found to have the wittiest script.


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