30 DMC: Day 04 – Favourite Classic Movie

Today, Cumuloquoise and I are sharing about our favourite classic movie. So after reading mine, do check her blog out and see what she has to share. It’s pretty cool how different out choices have been so far.

So, my favourite class movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life” from 1946.

It’s about Christmas classic about a selfless humble kind-hearted young man George Bailey who realises the impact he has on other people in his life. He initially had huge dreams but, through the film, he gave these opportunities up to help others instead. Unfortunately, due to a misfortune brought about by his Uncle Billy, he started losing hope and forgetting his purpose in life. As such, he decided that he should commit suicide and take away his whole life to save the town. But, that’s not the solution isn’t it? Hence, his guardian angel Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be had he never been born.

I like this movie because it’s real and light-hearted. This is the all-time great, curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-cup-of-tea movie. Not only is it beautifully photographed, but it also has enough emotional strength to hold your attention for all of its two-hour running time. It’s brings me to the time before distracting technology, convoluted dramas, and scheming plans.

George has a simple story that we all wish to have. Although he didn’t achieve his dreams of traveling the world, he made a difference and took care of his town. He was an honourable man who is loved by his family and respected by the town’s people.

Plus, it’s inspiring to see how the whole town supports one another. They prayed for George when he was demoralised and miserable. And, towards the end, everyone even helped for him to save the town. Truly, the plot line and characters in this movie has a good deal of charm, quality and natural talent which made it a favourite classic.

I’ve actually watched this movie a few times and it’s a movie I’d love to share with my future children as well. I think its difficult to find such a beautiful movie which can impart values such compassion, selflessness, loyalty, and self-respect to children. This is definitely one of them.

Furthermore, this is a wonderful move with great iconic lines:

With quotes like these, how can “It’s a Wonderful Life” not be my favourite classic?

How about you? What’s your favourite classic movie? I’ll catch you tomorrow for which movie is my guilty pleasure. Tee Hee.


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