30 DMC: Day 03 – Movie With The Best Soundtrack

Woohoo! It’s gonna be a musical Wednesday as we share about our favourite movie soundtrack.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise but I can’t remember the soundtrack of movies beyond last year. Secondly, I again can’t choose just one soundtrack. So, if you don’t mind, let me share my top three favourite soundtracks from last year and share their album samplers for your enjoyment.

In my opinion, the 2013 movies with the best soundtrack are:

1. The Great Gatsby

It’s brilliant how they composed and re-arranged songs to bring out the rich jazzy vibe in it. It was highly effective in capturing the themes of the novel and appropriately interpreted it. The soundtrack certainly brought be back to the dazzle and magic of the 1920’s lifestyle. As annoying as it got, I still liked Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful” song. I thought it was perfectly befitting of Jay Gatsby’s love for Daisy Buchanan. Together with the magnificent cinematography, everything certainly engaged my senses to a sensory treat! Do have a listen, especially if you are going to read the book. I think F. Scott Fitzgerald would be proud of this score sheet too.

For a full enjoyment, you can find the full “Great Gatsby” Album here.


2. About Time

I’m not sure why but I actually like this soundtrack. Maybe because the movie actually went through Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson)’s full life, so the soundtrack covers a full range of emotions and milestones. Yes, I enjoyed the “gold” songs as well as the contemporary ones. At the same time, I felt like the soundtrack is very calming and soothing – something I can listen to on a lazy afternoon. My favourites are “How Long Will I Love You” as performed by Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman and “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

If you want to hear more, listen to the full “About Time” Soundtrack here.


3. The Hunger Games

Last but not the least is The Hunger Games soundtrack. I love almost every song in this album. It’s strong and energetic – befitting of the movie’s theme. Plus, playing this to start my daunting task or jog is an amazing energy booster and motivator. My top song contenders are “Silhouettes” by Of Monsters and Men, “We Remain” by Christina Aguilera, “Devil May Cry” by The Weeknd, “The Gale Song” by Lumineers and “Place For Us” by Mikky Ekko. And, having Patti Smith sing “Capital Letter” is such a great treat. Plus, I thought that Lorde’s take on “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is a suitably grim cover for this dystopian world.

Also, you can find the full “Catching Fire” Soundtrack here.

So, what do you think of my top soundtrack picks? Okay. I’ll stop cheating and only choose ONE movie tomorrow okay? The topic will be “favourite classic movie.” In the meantime, do visit Cumuloquoise‘s site to find more move soundtracks to listen to.

Tata! ❤


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