30 DMC: Day 02 – Most Inspiring Movie

Hi everyone!

Today’s topic is “most inspiring movie.” Is the topic placement meant to inspire us to continue with the 30 Day Movie Challenge? I’m not so sure. But, I think it’s a good reminder for the rest of my week. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure which one is my favourite inspiring movie. So, let me share my top 3 favourites instead ok? Here goes…

1. The Blind Side

This is a beautiful story about a homeless boy who ends up being adopted by a family that really turns out to love him, to appreciate him and to encourage him to become the football player he is supposed to be. This movie based on a true-story proved that where we come from doesn’t dictate where you go.

I love this movie because Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) inspired me a lot! She has such a big heart to adopt Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), treat him as her own, and help him be the best he can be. Plus, she’s the mother I’d hope to be – a humble daughter of God trying to be a good role model and caring for a lovely family. It truly resonated in my heart when her friend said, “You’re changing that boy’s life” and she goes, “No. He’s changing mine.” It’s true, isn’t it? Whenever we do something to help others, it actually helps and changes us more than anyone else.

2. Pay It Forward

A movie about taking the things in this world upside down and flipping it around to make a difference in this world. How can I not like this? Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment), especially given his age and circumstances, was so inspiring! He was just a little boy with big dreams (even for a school experiment), hoping to change the world with his small actions – and he did.

He basically advocated the philosophy of “Paying It Forward,” which means the recipient of a favour does a favour for three others instead of paying the favour back. However, it needs to be a (seemingly) major favour that the recipient can’t complete themselves.

In other words, when someone does something good for us, we share it to three other people. The multiplier effect behind this totally appealed to the “economist” in me. Plus, to someone who feels small, insignificant, and inadequate at times,  I like that we only need to do something within our means but this may mean a lot for someone else. It’s basically, “doing small things with great love.” I’ve watched this movie 13 years ago, but it is still a revolution I want to continue until today. Even if it’s by doing something seemingly small, it inspires us to be selfless, have faith in the world, get out there and help others.

3. Freedom Writers

If I am ever a teacher, I’d like to be like Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank). Given the at-risk youth profiles and the rigid school system, her task seemed very daunting at first but she still made such a huge difference among her students against all odds. I like the way she taught her student about how tolerance, sympathy and courage. I like that the students were all encouraged to read books and channel their thoughts and story through a journal. I think it was respectable that the movie portrayed how education and understanding each and everyone’s life story can be a crucial element in turning a person’s life around. Gruwell encouraged and enabled her students to overcome stereotypes and unfortunate family situations and aim to be successful in life.

Another significant (but heartbreaking) trait I admire about her is her determination. When her husband didn’t support her dream anymore, she remained steadfast, had a divorce, and continued to work towards what she believes in. She was a woman who didn’t need to be dependent on anyone because she knows her place and what she ought to do. That’s amazing. Well, it was slightly weird that she followed her students to the other school but you get the point.

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Other movies which inspired me are “Front of the Class” and “The King’s Speech” because it was about overcoming their adversity and making a difference in others. But my post is getting a bit too long now. So, just do watch them as well if you can.

How about you? Which movie inspired you the most?

Please drop by Cumuloquoise‘s page to see which is the most inspiring movie for her. As some of you may know, we are doing the 30DMC together. If you are keen, it’s never too late to jump in and join us as well. 🙂


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