30 DMC: Day 01 – The Last Movie You Watched

Yay! It’s Day 1 of our 30 Day Movie Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with this, Cumuloquoise and I will be sharing about a movie in response to a topic for the next 30 days. So, do follow us and check both our posts please. If you’d like to join as, just drop be a message and I’d gladly link you blog with mine as well.

Anyway, today, I’ll be sharing about “the last movie I watched” which was X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yes, my long wait has finally come to an end, and, gotta say, the movie did not disappoint. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ❤

Firstly, the future and past time continuum definitely started a new benchmark for upcoming superhero movies. The bar for having dual inception-like plots brought the excitement to a whole different level. I was so engrossed how one plane will affect the other. I thought there was a good balance of well-developed story line which was action packed as well. That said, I think they took a long time building the plot from 1970’s up as opposed to the futuristic one.

The 1973 plot line was great! In one sense, it was nostalgic to see what happens after “X-men: First Class.” At the same time, it was mind-blowing to infuse X-men plot into the historical timeline. Putting the stadium around the White House and what Mystique did was just show-stopping. Plus, I find the (non)friendship between Charles and Eric really interesting, so that’s something I enjoyed. Again, if only they didn’t take über long for the rising action.

On the other hand, I think the dystopian part of the movie could have been given more air time. The hue and effect made it seem more mythical and magical as opposed to the mutant X-men world we all love. It was a bit weird. I thought there’s so much potential to showcase the new Sentinel technology and the dystopian human versus mutant culture.

Furthermore, I think the cast was the perfect fit!  James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were spectacular as always. Jennifer Lawrence was brilliant beyond words in her portrayal as the more edgy, skeptical, and conniving Mystique. Plus, her role showed how much she matured as an actress and as a character, compared to her earlier X-men movies. The movie felt hinged on her but not in a “in your face” way but with a very subtle and undeniable charm.

And, saving the best for last, Evan Peters as Quicksilver is just the best! As always, he portrayed Quicksilver’s character real well. And, the parts which included him were just refreshing from the rest of the movie – it was light-hearted and carefree. The slow-motion kitchen scene in the movie is my fave! The song choice was brilliant as well. Catch a brief glimpse here:

I’m giving “X-Men: Days of Future Past” a 4.5/5 stars. If any of you guys haven’t watched it yet, I’d gladly watch it again. Haha!

Howe about you? What was the last movie you watched? Do share! We’re looking forward to sharing the next 29 days with you through this 30 Day Movie Challenge. Catch you tmr for the “most inspiring move!” Tata! 🙂


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