Great Expectation – A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

It’s almost halfway through the year and albeit late, I surprisingly find today’s Daily Prompt an apt and timely reality check. This post is finally going to immortalise my 2014 goals on paper blog. And, since I’m putting myself out there, subjecting my secret  aims to scrutiny and expectation, I think some of my friends will understand how much guts I had to muster before writing this post.

For your reference, today’s question is:

Great Expectations
Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?

In a nutshell, my goal for 2014 is basically to improve my mind, body, and soul.
If you want to know more, here it goes…

1. An Enriched Mind

  • Reason
    • I don’t like the idea of stagnation, wasting my brain cells, and not expanding my horizon
    • I enjoy (and need) to continuously learn new things, come up with new thoughts, and document my life – for my own sanity
    • To justify buying my Kobo Glo eReader, leaving piscesbabe blog and starting my new rheyofsunshine blog (haha)
  • Game Plan
    • To read an average of one book a week from various genres – that’s about 50 books for 2014.
    • To pen down or blog about my own thoughts instead of retweeting/ reblogging others
    • To learn/practice a skill
  • Progress Report
    • So far, 20 weeks of 2014 has passed. I think I’ve read around 15-17 books, to date. So, I’m not exactly on the ball, but, Im having tons of fun so it’s fine.
    • Similarly, I’ve finally started a new blog which is more “me” and I’m proud to say, I’m still maintaining it well. I’m reaching 100th post soon! Plus, I’ve been using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter less too. This kind of implies I’m following other people’s lives less and focusing on my own more. Yay!
    • Also, I’ve finally brought myself a ukulele and learnt a few songs. I need to dust if off and get back to it though.
    • Since developing “an enriched mind” is more about the journey than the destination, I think I’m fine with not achieving my goal as long as I enjoy what I read and proud of what I write about. But, I’d be disappointed with myself if I can’t play decent Uke songs the next time I go back to Pinoy-land. So yups!


2. A Healthier Body

  • Reason
    • I sadly realised I am not fit nor healthy at all
    • To fit clothes better and make shopping easier
    • The number of health scares in the family isn’t funny anymore – hence, trying to minimise my personal risks factors
    • To be a good example to my future children and live a longer healthier life with them
  • Game Plan
    • To eat more fruits and vegetables
    • To stay away from junk/processed/fried/fast food
    • To strengthen my core muscles, do cardio exercises, learn yoga/Pilates
    • Hopefully, to improve my posture and lose 5 kg
  • Progress Report
    • My discipline for this is horrendous. I tend to lapse after a few weeks and once the momentum is broken, I find it difficult to jump back.
    • Also, I realised that one of my weakness are communal meals where we often eat scrumptious but not so healthy food. So, dear friends, *coughcumuloquoisecough* can you help me with my weak sense of discipline please?
    • I’m not sure how I’ll feel if I fail – probably disappointed and demoralised (and because of this post, embarrassed). But if I do succeed, that would be an achievement I’d be terribly pleased with and totally would reward myself for. Two words: new clothes!


3. A Calm and Peaceful Soul

  • Reason
    • I want to reflect His image clearer and be a better “instrument of peace”
    • I don’t like myself when I’m anxious, jealous, impatient, and moody which happens often so I want to change that
  • Game Plan
    • By bringing myself closer to Mr G, spending more quality time with Him, and trying my best to spread His love
    • By knowing when to do things on my own and do things with others. Read: have some alone time
    • By appreciating the good things around me and letting the bad things go
  • Progress Report
    • Although I don’t start my day by visiting the church for 5-10mins anymore (a practice I should resurrect) or go for mass everyday (yes, there was a point when I did that), I’m pleased to realise that spending time with Him has become a natural routine which is part-and-parcel of my weekly schedule now.
    • Plus, my weekly Gratitude List here has been a brilliant way to highlight the good things and minimise the not-so-good ones
    • Also, I think I’m better able to manage my time now. I am able to find time for myself, friends, work and the things I mentioned on this post.

Okay. That’s all for now. How about you? What’s your personal goal for 2014?  Let’s check back again at the end of the year All the best for all of us! Ciao!  ❤

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