New Ubin Seafood


Omg! You have got to try the New Ubin Seafood tucked in Bishan’s industrial area.

This is how the place looks like – really laid back looking. But, don’t be fooled. They serve world-class dishes.


They have got the best food ever! Just look at these….

Hei Chor, which is essentially a dish of deep fried prawn rolls, is a Hokkien favourite. And, I gotta say it was really meaty and juicy. Enjoy it with a mug of draft beer!


Supreme Ribs – really savoury. Not the best but worth a try still.


And, I must say, this roast pork? pork collar? This is my new favourite! Imagine tender roast pork and sweet honey bbq sauce. It was like an explosion of deliciousness in my mouth! Definitely a must have!

For more signature dishes, visit this page. Or, you can see the full menu here.
Their meat and crabs looks mouthwatering too! I sure know I need to go back at least two more times to this place. Do give it a try too! You’ll never regret it.

Information is as follows:
New Ubin Seafood
Blk 27 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 575680
Mr Pang 64669558, 91701281


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