Gratitude List: Week 20

Last week was an incredibly wonderful week. I barely had the time to rest because every second was packed with amazingness. There’s just too many things to be grateful for so I’m gonna try to lump some of them together.

Here goes:

  1. Exercised thrice this week. I died on the last one but oh yeaaah! \m/
  2. A day of with God and nature – fishing, going on a 3km walk/hike, of cookies and grapes, superbly delicious lunch and dinner. (see photos here and here)
  3. A day of bowling, L4D2, and random food. I made three strikes in bowling. Nope, not consecutively of course but oh yeaaah! \m/
  4. Time spent with Margie – Watching random shows, eating fries, and her letting me nap on her couch. Tee hee! 🙂
  5. Time spent with my brothers and sisters in Christ – Clair, Gracie, Aggie, Alycia, Zach, Leonard, Gerald, Wes, Yohanes, Jon, Cisca, Colin, Jude, and Hui Zhong
  6. And even bumped into a few old friends I haven’t seen in a while.
  7. Having true friends who help me “open my doors” and grow my faith.
  8. Feeling my grandfather’s presence in a normal day through this post.
  9. Alycia helping me buy the book “The Jesuit’s Guide to (Almost) Everything.”
  10. Tons of time with Mr G through reconciliation, three adoration time, two mass service, two spiritual sessions and almost every single of moment of my week.
  11. Having the time to attend Nox Gaudii at CAYC and Caritas’s “Loving God, Loving Neighbour” talk at Kingsmead Hall, CTK’s camp briefing
  12. And meeting tons of new interesting like-minded people through these.
  13. Slow dancing with my God and feeling His warm embrace. ❤

Wow! How amazing my week was. So, dear Mr G and all my friends who made this possible, thanks a million. Let’s try to have another wonderful one this week. ❤

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